Top Open Day tips from GCU students

Finding the right degree course at university can be tricky. Hands up who’s been told you must attend university open days to really know your options, but now you’re asking yourself; what is an open day; who will I meet at university on open day; and what can I do to prepare?

Don’t worry. We’ve asked some of our fantastic students here at Glasgow Caledonian University about their experiences of open day and what you can expect.

1. Don’t worry about arriving on your own

University open days are our way of connecting with you, a potential student. They exist so that you can come onto our modern and vibrant city centre campus and find out about the courses, facilities, support and opportunities that are available to you here – that’s all, there’s no hard sell and there are lots of people on campus on open day that are just like you.

Don’t be afraid of coming to open day by yourself; our staff and student helpers are here to welcome you and connect you with others as you arrive on campus.

Bring a parent, friend or sibling with you; we cater for them too with plenty of places to get food and drink and talk through the information you’re getting. Mums and dads, friends and teachers are popular choices for open day buddies but bring whoever you know will be your sounding board on the day and can help you find the university which suits you best. There are plenty of activities and points of interest during a GCU Open Day to make it an enjoyable day for all.

2. Ask questions about the University

Open day is your chance to get as much information as possible to help you with your university selection process. Remember, this day has been organised specially for you so don’t worry about asking silly questions. 

Talks by our leading academics are scheduled throughout the day, check the guide you receive in your goodie bag for times. These short talks are subject-specific and give you a real insight into the courses available within the subject you want to study. If you miss any talks, don’t worry, you will also find our academics on the information stands around campus.

At the information stands, a representative will be ready to answer any questions you may have to help you find out more about the subject. Good questions to ask course representatives might include:

  • “What are the entry requirements for this course?”
  • “What is the course structure of this course? What modules options are there?”
  • “What are the employment opportunities for this course? What have previous graduates gone on to do?”

3. Have a chat with the student helpers

Open day will give you the perfect opportunity to not only interact with and talk to academic staff about the different courses the university has to offer, but also to speak to current students of the University.

At GCU’s Open Day, the student helpers will be wearing bright-red t-shirts on the day and will be ready to answer any questions you have about student life and their experience at Glasgow Caledonian University. They’ll be able to give you an insider's guide to studying at university and you'll learn lots from their own experience of student life.

This real-life insight will be invaluable and hopefully aid you in making your decision on where to study. Also, be sure to make full use of the talks and information stands on funding, SAAS, the students’ association, studying abroad and how to apply to university.

4. Get to know the campus

The best way to get a sense of the University’s personality and culture is to take a tour of the campus.  Most universities will host guided tours on the day and show you all of the facilities and hotspots of the campus. The campus tours are also a great opportunity to have a chat with others who in the same boat as you. Be inspired, ask them what questions they have been asking so you can make the most out of your time there.

Unlike most universities, our Glasgow campus is all based in one location in the heart of the city. You’ll be invited to join a campus tour guided by one of our friendly student helpers who will show you all the different areas of our University like The Sir Alex Ferguson Library, Sports Hall, Students’ Association, and places to eat! Once the tour is finished, you may then feel more comfortable to check out other areas of the campus by yourself but, group tours will always be there you.

** Photographs. We love to capture the great atmosphere that Open Day brings. You may have your photograph taken or feature in video captured that may then be used for university promotion and advertising. Photographs and visitor data will not be passed onto any 3rd party.

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