SHE Level 5
SCQF Credit Points 10.00
ECTS Credit Points 5.00
Module Code MMV212060
Module Leader n/a
School Glasgow School for Business and Society
Subject History
  • B (January start)

Summary of Content

The focus of the module is on the role of history and memory in the making and re-making of national identity. Starting from the vantage point of European nation-building in the late eigtheenth and nineteenth century, the module shifts its focus to the specific case of Scotland. Iconography, memory and popular culture are each brought under critical scrutiny, examining how the historical record has been repeatedly used and shaped by various collectivities and individuals. Finally, the implications of this contested process of defining image and identity are discussed for policy makers and practitioners in the field of cultural heritage.


Week 1: Introduction - Perspectives on the Popular PastWeek 2: History and Nation-building: The International PerspectiveWeek 3: The Making of Scotland: Tourists and Travellers.Week 4: Representing Nationhood: Icons and ImagesWeek 5: Memory: Scottish VoicesWeek 6: Shaping the Modern Nation: Heritage in Action

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion the students will be able to show evidence of :- The development of a critical awareness of alternative interpretations and uses of the past in the making of a nation.- Awareness of the implications of academic debate in the area for the policy community in building their legislative priorities and development strategies. - Appreciation of written, aural and visual sources and their utility in heritage settings.- Undertanding the complexitiy surrounding national identity and the relevance of the contested past for professional practice in the heritage sector.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

A core lecture programme will familarise students with the key concepts, debates and lines of enquiry in the field of history and national identity. The learning strategy will be deepened by the use of student-led seminars and a local field trip. A particular emphasis will be placed on visual and aural heritage, as well as the written record in learning, teaching and assessment. This will draw, for example, on the resources of the GCU Centre for Political Song

Indicative Reading

Anderson, B. (1991) Imagined Communities. London, Verso.Colley, L (1992) Britons: Forging the Nation. New Haven, Yale University Press.Cowan, E & Finlay, R.J. (eds.). (1998) Image and Identity. The Making and Re-Making of Scotland through the Ages. E. Linton, Tuckwell Press.Donnachie and Whatley, C. (eds.) (1992) Manufacture of Scottish History. Edinburgh, Polygon.Ferguson, W. (1998) The Identity of the Scottish Nation. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press.Hutchison, J & Smith, A.D. (1994) Nationalism. Oxford, Oxford University Press.Kidd, C. (1993) Subverting Scotland's Past. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.McCrone, D. (1992) Understanding Scotland: the Sociology of a Stateless Nation. London, Routledge.Mitchison, R. (1991) Why Scottish History Matters. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press.Nairn, T. (1977) The Break-Up of Britain. London Robbins, K. (1988) Nineteenth Century Britain, England, Scotland and Wales and the Making of a Nation. Oxford, Oxford University Press.Writing Scotland's History: Proceedings of the 1996 Conference, Scottish Historical Review, (LXXVI (1), No. 201, April 1997)www.scran.ac.uk: Scottish Cultural Resources Archives Networkedina.ed.ac.uk/statacc: Statistical Accounts for Scotlandwww.scan.org.uk: Scottish Archives Network

Transferrable Skills

The module will prioritise the following transferable skills: - Independence of judgement.- High-level communication skills.- Application of theory to encourage reflective practice.- Team working.

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Seminars (FT) 8.00
Independent Learning (FT) 72.00
Assessment (PT) 4.00
Seminars (PT) 8.00
Assessment (FT) 4.00
Independent Learning (PT) 72.00
Lectures (PT) 16.00
Lectures (FT) 16.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 0.00 80.00 50% 2500 word essay
Coursework 0.00 20.00 50% Oral Presentation