SHE Level 5
SCQF Credit Points 40.00
ECTS Credit Points 20.00
Module Code MMN523643
Module Leader Dina Khalifa
School School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment
Subject GCU London
  • C (May start)
  • B (January start)
  • B (January start)-C (May start)
  • A (September start)

Summary of Content

The dissertation module follows on from the Research Project: Design and Methods module. The focus of this module is to undertake management research and report on the findings. Students are required to undertake an investigation of a substantial management issue or problem. In doing so, they are required to demonstrate critical awareness of management practice, relevant theories and research techniques and approaches. As part of the research, students have the opportunity to apply theories, concepts and frameworks introduced in the modules that were previously taught. They will be expected to draw upon both internationally published academic literature and trade information in order to identify a research problem and to undertaken secondary and empirical research to explain the problem and offer recommendations to management. The dissertation can assume one of 3 forms: An Applied Research Project, an Inquiry Project or a Business Consultancy Project. The dissertation is the final module in the MBA programme, which bears the largest credit rating. The dissertation project requires students to apply critical thinking, competent research skills, analytical, written communication and presentation skills. Students will be required to conduct a critical review of management literature, to identify an appropriate methodological approach for a research problem and to demonstrate analytical rigour in order to effectively present findings and analysis of empirical research undertaken. Undertaking the dissertation requires students to demonstrate their ability to work independently. As part of the dissertation process, students will be individually supervised by a dissertation tutor.


The syllabus contains a project briefing session prior to the commencement of the project. Further briefing sessions may be set up as required.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module the student should be able to:-1. Select a relevant and current management research problem and effectively undertake independent research with the purpose of further developing knowledge around the subject and ultimately offer a set of recommendations or solutions2. Effectively exhibit an ability to product a research aim and set of objectives, identify relevant theory and a rationale for undertaking the investigation of selected research problem3. Exhibit confidence in the ability to identify appropriate academic and related literature and articulate how the literature informs the research problem4. Demonstrate a understanding of research epistemologies and methods together with the ability to select an appropriate methodological approach in order to solve a research problem5. Demonstrate an ability to achieve the aim and objectives of a piece of research that is either applied research, theory development or testing or research propositions6. Exhibit competence in the analysis of data through the selection of appropriate analytical techniques and tools

Teaching / Learning Strategy

Whilst support by a Dissertation Tutor, whom the student will meet for one to one meeting through the supervisory period, it is expected that the dissertation is a piece of independent work. Ultimately it is the student who will be responsible for their own learning journey therefore effectively demonstrating an ability to source appropriate resources, initiate empirical research and construct and produce their own dissertation document. Effective independent learning is supported via one to one Supervisory meetings, support together with Academic Development Tutor (ADT) support through both workshops for example in academic writing. GCU Learn is also used to support the student's learning experience wherein relevant academic information is posted on the dissertation module GCU Learn site. The site is also used as a respository for materials such as the Ethics form and the Dissertation Handbook.

Indicative Reading

Bell J & Waters S (2014) Doing yoru research project, Open University Press Bryman A (2012) Social Research Methods, 4 th edition, OUP Oxford Denscombe M (2014) A Good Research Guide, 5 th edition, Open University Press Robson C (2011) Real World Research, 3 rd edition, John Wiley and Son Punch K F & Oancea A E (2014) Introduction to Research Methods, second edition, Sage Publications Thomas G (2013) How to do Your Research Project, second edition, Sage Publications

Transferrable Skills

Interpersonal skills; Analytical and critical thinking; Creative thinking; problem solving; Cognitive and intellectual thinking; Data analysis and synthesis; Independent learning and self management; Time management; Ethical conduct; Reflective learning

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Tutorials (FT) 10.00
Independent Learning (FT) 310.00
Assessment (FT) 80.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Course Work 01 n/a 100.00 50% Disseration