SHE Level 5
SCQF Credit Points 15.00
ECTS Credit Points 7.50
Module Code MMN223688
Module Leader Marty Wright
School School for Work Based Education
Subject SCWBE
  • A (September start)
  • B (January start)
  • C (May start)
  • A (September start)-B (January start)
  • B (January start)-C (May start)
  • C (May start)-A (September start)
  • A (September start)-B (January start)-C (May start)

Summary of Content

The module content draws from theories of adult learning and continuous professional development to help the participant locate their professional development requirements in the context of a learning environment and an appreciation of their own learning -1 style and how-6 experience-6 can-6 be-6 turned-6 into-5 learning. It sets out to define 'mastersness'. The module content -1 will also focus on how academic credit can be gained from advancing work based practices and behaviour. This -1 will also enable the p articipant to consider gaps in their requisite professional knowledge. -1 Participants-6 -1 will-5 also-6 explore-6 the-6 importance-6 of-6 critical-7 appraisal,-6 reflection-6 and-6 -1 self-directed-5 learning-6 in-6 the-6 process-6 of-7 professional learning-7 and-6 development.-6


-1 Unit-7 1-6 ;-3 -1 Adult-6 Learning-6 and-15 -1 Accreditation-5 of-7 -1 Prior-6 Learning-6 in-6 Continuing-6 -1 Professional-6 -1 Development -1 Unit 2: Continuing -1 Professional -1 Development - Expectations and Exploration of -1 Professional -1 Standard requirements and -1 what is required-8 for-7 postgraduate-7 level-8 -1 study. -1 Unit-6 3:-5 -1 Systematic-4 Reflection-5 on-5 Experience-5 as-5 the-5 -1 First-5 -1 Step-5 in-6 the-5 -1 Process Unit-7 4:-6 Identification-5 of-7 -1 Significant-5 Learning--6 the-7 -1 'Knows-6 and-6 Can-Dos' -1 Unit-6 5:-6 Evidence -1 Gathering-5 and-6 developing-6 a-5 Learning-6 Contract -1 Unit-6 6: Critical-14 -1 Appraisal:-6 Evaluating-6 and -1 Synthesising-5 Learning

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student should be able to:Identify and define personal and professional development needs in line with professional and academic requirements and negotiate learning and development opportunities;Apply knowledge of Adult and Organisational Learning and critically review this in the context of professional and organisational development;Apply an advanced use of reflection and inquiry within the context of a participant's professional development; Critically appraise and develop the use of peer learning and communities of learning;Apply critical thinking and analysis to the participant's professional development context;Appraise, evaluate and synthesise learning for future development.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

Students will be expected to draw on academic theories and techniques in order to frame, analyse and solve actual work-based problems. To this end learning will involve not only formal but informal learning strategies and assessment. This module particularly emphasises the integration of learning and work e.g. the student's assessment may involve them in conducting actual work based analysis and decision making within a work context. The module utilises an interactive lecture programme where students are encouraged to participate and contribute. Students are required to undertake a programme of specified reading for independent learning, and reflect upon managerial practices within the workplace. The teaching and skills development programme will be supported via GCU Learn, which will also enhance the students' ability to utilise e-communication.

Indicative Reading

Boud-7 D-6 &-7 -1 Solomon-5 (2001)-1 -2 Work-based-6 Learning:-5 A-15 -1 New-7 -1 Higher-5 Education?-7 Buckinghamshire:-6 -1 OU-7 -1 Press Boud-6 D-6 (2006)-6 -1 Productive-6 reflection-6 at-6 -1 work: learning-6 for-6 changing-6 organisations,-6 Routledge:-3 -1 New-12 -6 York Cunningham-6 I,-6 -1 Dawes-5 -1 G,-6 &-6 Bennett-5 B-6 (2004)-6 The-5 handbook-6 of-6 -1 work-5 based-6 learning,-6 Burlington:-5 England Eraut-8 M-7 (2003)-7 -1 Developing-7 -1 Professional-6 -1 Knowledge-6 and-8 Competence,-7 London:-7 -1 Falmer-6 -1 Press Dreyfus-4 H-5 and-5 -1 Dreyfus-4 S-4 (1986)-5 -1 Mind-5 -1 Over-4 -1 Machine, -1 New-11 -5 York: -1 Free-5 -1 Press -1 Knowles -1 MS, -1 Horton EF and -1 Swanson RA (Eds) -2 (2011) The -1 Adult Learner, The -1 Definitive Classic in -1 Adult Education and -1 Human Resource-14 -1 Development,-14 -1 Oxford:-13 Butterworth-Heinmann -1 Mulligan-6 J-7 (Ed)-6 (1992)-1 Empowerment-9 Through-7 Experiential-6 Learning,-7 London-6 :-7 -1 Kogan-6 -1 Page -1 SCQF-8 (2012)-8 -1 Scotland's-6 Lifelong-8 Learning-7 -1 Framework:-7 -1 SCQF-8 level-7 -1 Descriptors,-7 -1 Glasgow:-7 -1 SCQF -1 SHEEC-7 (2013)-7 What-6 is-7 masterness?,-6 -1 Discussion-6 -1 Paper-6 -1 July-6 2013,-7 -1 Gloucester: -1 QAA-16 -1 Scotland -1 SSSC-6 (2014)-1 Standard-5 for-6 Chief-6 -1 Social-8 -5 Work-6 Officers,-5 -1 Dundee:-5 -1 SSSC -1 Stephenson-5 J-5 and-8 -5 Weil-6 S (1992)-5 -1 Quality-5 and-5 learning: A-15 Capability-5 approach-6 in-5 -1 Higher-4 Education,-6 London:-5 -1 Kogan-5 -1 Page

Transferrable Skills

Self-management: self-motivation, time management and critical self-reflection and evaluation of personal performance. Interpersonal Skills: an ability to work collaboratively and constructively with others on a complex group assignment. Communication skills, negotiation skills and presentation skills when participating in the group work and group presentation Peer assessment: skills in giving and receiving constructive feedback. Research skills: data gathering using secondary methods, and data analysis. C & IT skills: engaging in a virtual learning environment; using MS Powerpoint and MS Word packages for presentations and report writing; accessing and using industry databases such as FAME, MINTEL, KEYNOTE. Using Refworks software to develop referencing skills, and Turnitin software to improve writing style.

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Assessment (PT) 30.00
Seminars (PT) 12.00
Lectures (PT) 3.00
Independent Learning (PT) 105.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Course Work 01 0.00 100.00 50% Portfolio Report 3000 Words