SHE Level 5
SCQF Credit Points 15.00
ECTS Credit Points 7.50
Module Code MMN222413
Module Leader Margaret-Anne Houston
School Glasgow School for Business and Society
Subject Economics
  • B (January start)

Summary of Content

Students undertaking a programme of research training may have particular learning requirements that cannot reasonably be accommodated within a structured programme that is designed to meet the core needs of the typical student. These learning needs may be specialist research training or, in the context of particular substantive degree pathways, may be specialist programmes of advanced study (theoretical, conceptual or substantive). Independent and Negotiated Study is offered as a means of enabling students to achieve their particular needs/learning objectives. The content of the module will be negotiated between the student and Module Leader in the form of a negotiated learning contract - the Module Learning Plan. The student will prepare an action plan comprising: title; aims; learning outcomes; nature and scope of work to be undertaken; learning resources required and available; support required and available; detailed operational timetable; and assessment format.


Not applicable - programme of learning to be determined by the student, and agreed with the Module Leader.

Learning Outcomes

The specific learning outcomes will be included in the Module Learning Plan, as detailed above. To these can be added the generic learning outcomes of completing a module by independent and negotiated study at postgraduate level; specifically, on successful completion of the module students should have the ability to:• develop a meaningful learning programme;• identifiy appropriate methods of investigation;• identify and utilise a range of learning resources;• take explicit responsibility for one's own learning.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

Although the module is student-led, all students presenting for Independent and Negotiated Study, will participate in the 'support' programme: In Block 4 [January Year 2] of their DBA/DMan programme students will be intoduced to the module and the Module Learning Plan. There will also be discussions on a possible Module Learning Plan with the Programme Leader (as part of academic advisor/advisee meeting as appropriate). There will be an iterative process of communication between the student and module leader to develop and finalise the Module Learning Plan. Students will work with a Project Advisor who will be appointed to guide the student as they undertake their Module Learning Plan. The Project Advisor can offer specific advice on the subject of the Module Learning Plan. The Module Leader (and Programme Leader) will assist in finding a Project Advisor. There will be progress meeetings/communication between the student and the Module Leader.

Indicative Reading

Subject Specific Sources To be determined by the student (approved by the Module Leader) in the Module Learning Plan. Understanding Independent Study and Learning Contracts Anderson, G, D. Boud and J. Sampson (1996) Learning Contracts: A Practical Guide, London. (371.394 A55, Level 3) Knowles, M.S. (1986) Using Learning Contracts. Jossey-Bass. (371.394, K55, Level 3)

Transferrable Skills

Specifically, Independent and Negotiated Study provides an opportunity for students to exercise initiaitve, assume personal responsibility and exercise independent decision-making. More generally, students will have gained competence in the following: Intellectual abilities and skills, i.e. those which are acquired through use of learning resources and immersion in research/study contexts. In particular this will involve assessment of the merits of contrasting explanations, and critical interpretation of resources, but it will also involve the development of reasoned argument. Key skills, i.e. those acquired through HE level study. In particular this will involve learning skills, but it will also involve numeracy, written skills, oral skills, observational skills, and skills in information management. Social skills, i.e. personal attributes that are fostered via advanced study in HE. In particular this will involve working independently, self-management, motivation, awareness of responsibilities, intellectual integrity, and adaptability

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Assessment (PT) 30.00
Tutorials (PT) 5.00
Independent Learning (PT) 115.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 1 n/a 100.00 50% negotiated output, 3000 words