SHE Level 5
SCQF Credit Points 15.00
ECTS Credit Points 7.50
Module Code MMB312643
Module Leader Debbie Wilson
School School of Health and Life Sciences
Subject Podiatry
  • A (September start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Standard Programme entry requirements.

Summary of Content

This module will investigate: The epidemiology, aetiology, classification, patho-physiological processes in the development of complications of lower limb and foot in diabetes. Risk factors and pathological processes associated with lower limb in diabetes. Anatomy of the lower limb and foot, Anatomy of the vascular supply to the lower limb and foot; Anatomy of the nerve supply to the lower limb and foot; Vascular, neurological and structural assessment of the lower limb and foot; psycho-social aspects of diabetes


Algorithms used in the diagnosis of diabetes; Patho-physiological processes of diabetes; classification of diabetes; history taking; long term complications of diabetes; the lower limb and foot in diabetes; Arterial tree to the lower limb and foot; venous drainage from the lower limb and foot; structural deformities of the foot; clinical tool used in the practical assessment of the lower limb and foot; Multidisciplinary approach to the care of the patient with diabetes; evidence based practice in diabetes management; current assessment strategies in the management of lower limb and foot pathologies in diabetes; health promotion strategies in diabetic foot disease.

Learning Outcomes

On completion successful completion of this module the student should be able to:1. Demonstrate an ability to relate patho-physiological processes to symptomology in diabetes and lower limb and foot disease.2. Critically evaluate the long- term complications of diabetes and appreciate the limitations of the care and management of the disease process.3. Critically evaluate their communication skills when dealing with all aspects of the patient's life and care.4. Undertake a comprehensive assessment of the lower limb and foot, interpret the findings and devise a management strategy of care.5. Recognise the compromised foot from a vascular, neurological and structural aspect and implement appropriate referral techniques.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

A student- centred and problem solving approach will be adopted throughout the module Interactive keynote lectures to introduce topic areas which will underpin interactive small groups work Directed reading to enhance the postgraduate students' knowledge base and enhance their skills in critical reading Problem bases seminars to engender the students' ability in analysis, synthesis and evaluation also facilitate experiential learning and reflective practice Practical laboratory sessions to allow integration of theory to practice

Indicative Reading

Recommended: Belchetz P E & Hammond P Mosby's Colour Atlas and Text of Diabetes and Endocrinology ISBN: 0723431043 /ISBN: 13:9780723431046 Boulton A(Editor), Cavanagh P (Co-Editor), Rayman G (Co-Editor) The Foot in Diabetes, 4th Edition ISBN: 0-470-01504-7 Dyck PJ & Thomas PK Diabetic Neuropathy, 2nd Edition ISBN: 0721661823 ISBN-13: 9780721661827 Donnelly R & Horton E Vascular Complications of Diabetes: Current Issues in Pathogenesis and Treatment ISBN: 1405127856 Edmonds M & Foster AVM Managing the Diabetic Foot ISBN: 0632055839 Edmonds ME; Foster AVM & Sanders L A Practical Manual of Diabetic Foot Care ISBN: 1405107154 Fonseca VA Clinical Diabetes ISBN: 1416002731 ISBN-13: 9781416002734 Foster AVM Podiatric Assessment and Management of the Diabetic Foot ISBN: 0443100438 ISBN-13: 9780443100437 Gill GV, Williams G & Pickup J Difficult Diabetes ISBN: 0632053240 Harmel AP& Mathur R Davidson's Diabetes Mellitus, 5th Edition ISBN: 0721695965 ISBN-13: 9780721695969 Korenman S Atlas of Clinical Endocrinology Volume 2: Diabetes ISBN: 0632043997, Pub Date RoW 30/08/1999 Pub Date US 26/07/1999 Krentz A Insulin Resistance ISBN: 0632056622 Pensdey S Diabetic Foot : A Clinical Atlas ISBN 184184425 Williams G & Pickup J CD-ROM Slide Atlas of Diabetes CD-ROMs, ISBN: 1405126183, Pub Date RoW 28/10/2004, Pub Date US 01/12/2004 Williams G & Pickup J Handbook of Diabetes ISBN: 1405120525 Williams G & Pickup J Textbook of Diabetes ISBN: 063205915X Journals Useful Websites

Transferrable Skills

In undertaking this module the student will enhance and develop: Accessing information sources relevant to the area of enquiry; Clinical skills in assessment of the foot and lower limb; critically appraise the findings of the assessment and by clinical reasoning devise a management strategy; Independent learning and individual study; Participating in group debates; Critical evaluation of current literature related to diabetes and specifically related to lower limb and foot disease in diabetes Evaluation of practice Scientific report writing skills

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Practicals (PT) 4.00
Seminars (PT) 5.00
Assessment (PT) 15.00
Independent Learning (PT) 120.00
Lectures (PT) 6.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Exam (Dept) 01 n/a 100.00 50% online MCQ's & short answer clinical case-based exam paper and will account for 100% of the total mark.