SHE Level 4
SCQF Credit Points 20.00
ECTS Credit Points 10.00
Module Code MHH624653
Module Leader Martin MacDonald
School School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment
Subject SCEBE - School Office
  • A (September start)
  • B (January start)

Summary of Content

This course is intended to provide students with the skills required to create web applications in by using the .NET Framework. The course will cover the major topics for windows and web controls that comes with ASP.NET- in depth from the three state check boxes, date time pickers, web page validation controls, creating own web controls, writing web services, Data access with ADO.NET.


The teaching syllabus will cover the following areas: Introduction .NET framework : An overview of .NET including the Common Language Interface, the Common Type System, the Common Language Runtime, and .NET Framework and class libraries, language and platform neutral, C# language fundamentals. Developing a Web Application: History of Web applications, An introduction to web forms and a comparison to familiar models such as windows forms. The ASP.NET execution model, server controls, state-management, testing and debugging asp.net application. Web Form Controls: Working with standard, navigation, validation, login, html, CSS and web parts controls. Working with Database : Introduction Database and SQL, ADO.NET Objects, understanding data display and data source controls, using data lists and repeaters in web applications, Accessing Data with ADO.NET. Master Pages and Themes: understanding master pages and themes, creating master, nested master pages and themes. Applying themes on controls at run time, caching in ASP.NET. Web Services and Mobile Applications: Introduction to creation of web services using ASP.NET and consuming web services in web applications. Mobile Application development -offline, online and deploying.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the student should be able to:1. List the major elements of the .NET Framework. (AM1)2. Develop web applications using Microsoft .Net framework server controls and perform form validation with validation controls (AM1, AM4, AM5, AM9)3. Create Master Pages, themes and skins to enforce design principles. (AM1, AM4, AM5, AM9)4. Apply ADO.NET in web application to read, insert, and update data in a database.(AM1, AM4,AM9)5. Develop ASP.NET Web Services .(AM1, AM4,AM9)

Teaching / Learning Strategy

The main teaching method will be based on lectures with laboratory exercises used to relate theoretical concepts to practical experience. The students will be expected to perform directed reading exercises and self-learning exercises on emerging technologies.

Indicative Reading

-360 1. Dreamtech ASP.NETBLACK BOOK, 2007, Dreamtech press. 2. Vikas Gupta, (2011),NET Prgoramming", Dreamtech press. 3. Rick Leinecker.(2003), ASP.NET on the edge, IDG Books India Pvt., Ltd.

Transferrable Skills

Problem Solving and automating business oriented Web Application, Mobile Application with .NET Framework.

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Independent Learning (FT) 100.00
Practicals (FT) 56.00
Assessment (FT) 16.00
Lectures (FT) 28.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Exam (School) 1.50 25.00 n/a Enf Term Test - Unseen written examination-1½ Hours
Coursework 2 n/a 50.00 n/a Development of a web based Application using ADO.NET connection
Coursework 1 n/a 25.00 n/a Project Proposal with Conceptual designs of Web Forms