SHE Level 4
SCQF Credit Points 30.00
ECTS Credit Points 15.00
Module Code MHB525111
Module Leader Suzanne Hagan
School School of Health and Life Sciences
Subject Vision Sciences
  • A (September start)-B (January start)
  • B (January start)-A (September start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

SCQF Level 9 Module in Clinical Research Methods

Summary of Content

In this module, the student may opt to do a project or dissertation. Projects will involve practical investigation of a clearly defined problem which is relevant to optometry/orthoptics. Results are discussed in the light of published work in the area. Dissertations involve a review and critical appraisal of current research findings relating to a particular topic in optometry/orthoptics.


In this module, in the case of projects, the student will conduct an experimental study relating to a particular topic or topics relevant to the programme; and then they will write up a report. In the case of dissertation, they will produce an extensive review and critical appraisal of current research and/or clinical findings relating to a particular topic or topics relevant to the programme.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:1. Understand the design and set up of experiments.2. Understand the analysis of experimental data (projects) and the interpretation of published data (projects and dissertations).3. Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate published literature.4. Demonstrate practical and/or clinical skills required for carrying out an experiment (projects).5. Demonstrate mastery of the particular subject area and the ability to discuss the topic within the broader context of vision science.6. Demonstrate oral communication skills.7. Demonstrate bibliographical skills as they relate to literature search and library skills.8. Demonstrate writing skills in preparing and presenting a report.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

This module will consist of independent study (and practical work in the case of projects) punctuated by frequent meetings with the supervisor, during which the progress of the project/dissertation will be discussed.

Indicative Reading

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Society ADA, 1994

Transferrable Skills

Ability to collect, analyse and model experimental data; and writing skills.

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Independent Learning (FT) 282.00
Assessment (FT) 18.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 0.00 60.00 n/a Written project/dissertation (<6k and <8K, respectively)
Coursework 0.00 20.00 n/a oral (poster presentation)
Coursework 0.00 20.00 n/a Written Intro (Diss) or Methods (Projects), 1500 words