SHE Level 0
SCQF Credit Points 0.00
ECTS Credit Points 0.00
Module Code MHB524247
Module Leader Lynne Watson
School School of Health and Life Sciences
Subject Vision Sciences
  • A (September start)-B (January start)

Summary of Content

Following a regulatory requirement, this module will log student's experience and competence in various aspects of clinical practice of optometry as they progress through the Optometry programme. It allows students to populate (i) a portfolio of records of their clinical experience and (ii) a portfolio of clinical competencies. Successful completion of this module requires students to (i) achieve the minimum number of clinical experiences in each category and (ii) demonstrate clinical competence in each Core Competency as defined by the regulatory body (GOC). Successful completion of this module serves as a Certificate of Professional Competence at Stage 1, is a pre-requisite to enter the College of Optometristss' Scheme for Registration and a requirement for students to receive the exit award BSc(Hons) Optometry.


i) Patient Experience: Students will have the opportunity to examine patients under supervision of experienced eye-care professionals. This will include episodes with a wide range of patients, including (a) primary care experience, (b) Contact Lens experience, (c) Binocular Vision and Paediatric experience, (d) Specialist Clinic experience, (e) Spectacle Dispensing Experience & (f) Abnormal Eye Conditions. Specific requirements regarding the minimum patient number and type of experiences are as stiplulated by the GOC. (ii) Core Competencies: Students will be assessed against each of the GOC's core competencies, which are subdivided into (a) Communication & Professional Conduct, (b) Visual Function and Ametropia, (c) Optical Appliances, (d) Ocular Examination, (e) Ocular Abnormalities, (f) Contact Lenses, (g) Binocular Vision & (h) Visual Impairment.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student should be able to:-1. Demonstrate that the required amount and type of patient experiences in various categories have been obtained.2. Demonstrate that all Stage 1 clinical core competencies, as set out by the regulatory body (General Optical Council, GOC), have been achieved.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

(i) The clinical experience portfolio will be based on a wide range of patient settings, including the University's Eye Clinic, external Optometric practices, Hospital Eye Departments and other specialised centres. These will incorporate a range of contemporary practices relevant to the needs of the discipline. Students will be supervised by experienced eye-care professionals, including Optometrists, Ophthalmologist, Orthoptists and Dispensing Opticians, who will verify the episodes. (ii) Competency- based assessments will be carried out at appropriate stages in the students' education and training. Students will be assessed individually against each of the GOC's Core Competencies (CC), following a structured assessment procedure, including Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE). Students must evidence 'an ability to do' competency by a practical demonstration of the specified skill. Assessment marking criteria with detailed guidelines for students & examiners and marking proformas are provided as part of the CC logbook and are set to clearly demonstrate requirements for relevant performance criteria and indicators to demonstrate a pass. Achievement against each CC will be verified by an experienced assessor and recorded in students' CC logbooks. Students will received detailed feedback following (i) patient episodes and (ii) CC assessments in order to enable maximum learning and achievement. This will give students the opportunity to reflect on their patient interactions and practical assessments, to consider how well they performed and how this affects their understanding and learning goals.

Indicative Reading

GOC: Accreditation and Quality Assurance Handbook: Routes to Registration in Optometry (Current Issue; <https://www.optical.org/en/Education/core-competencies--core-curricula/index.cfm> ) GCU - Core Competency Logbook GCU - Patient Episodes Logbook

Transferrable Skills

Communication Skills Professional skills Record Keeping Exercise clinical judgement through critical thinking, evidenced based practice and reflection Multi-disciplinary approach to health-care Understand the role within the wider healthcare team

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
GOC approved standards met 5.00
Independent Learning (FT) 5.00
Log book completion 20.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 2 n/a 50.00 n/a Core Competencies logbook
Coursework 1 n/a 50.00 n/a Patient Episode logbook