SHE Level 4
SCQF Credit Points 20.00
ECTS Credit Points 10.00
Module Code MHB123972
Module Leader Douglas Lauchlan
School School of Health and Life Sciences
Subject Physiotherapy
  • B (January start)
  • A (September start)
  • C (May start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Satisfactory attendance across all preapratory modules

Summary of Content

This four-week Practice education placements will enable the student to apply consolidate and extend knowledge and skills explored in the preceding modules. In addition, the student will apply appropriate knowledge gained from their Honours degree to problems encountered during each placement. Students will be given the opportunity to apply reasoning skills to clinical problems. A high level of evaluation of practice will be demonstrated both in the assessment of individual patients/clients and of physiotherapy practice in general. This will be achieved by applying knowledge of research processes to the clinical setting. The student will take responsibility for their learning by setting personal learning objectives and outcomes for each placement. These outcomes will be in addition to the learning outcomes specified in module descriptors.


In-1 o r-1 d er -3 f o r p-2 hy siot-3 h era-1 p y-2 stu-2 d ents -2 t o ga-1 i n-3 ex-1 p er-3 i en-1 c e ac-3 r o ss a-2 ran-2 g e-2 o f pat-3 i ent-3 s /clie-1 n ts-2 with-3 a -2 v ar-1 i e-2 t y-2 o f-2 m ed-1 i cal a-1 n d-1 healthca-1 r e-2 c o-1 nd it-3 i o-1 n s,-2 stu-2 d ents-2 vis-1 i t a-3 ran-2 g e-2 o f h-3 e alth-1 car-3 e /-1 p r-2 om o t-3 i o n-1 si-2 t e s ,-2 as pa-1 r t-2 o f t-4 h eir -1 n eed-3 to-1 -2 co m-1 p le-2 t e 1-2 0 00-2 cli-2 n ical-1 ho-1 u rs-3 (-1 p lac-2 em ents 1-3 - 7).-2 The t-3 i mi-2 n g-3 o f t-4 h-2 e se -1 p lac-2 e me-3 n t -2 t y-1 p es a-3 r e var-4 i ed and-2 not-2 u-2 n-1 d erta-2 k en in-1 o r-1 d er, there-3 f o re-2 each p-1 l a-3 c e-1 m ent -3 ( m o-1 du l-3 e ) -3 s yl-1 l a-1 bu s is -1 d-2 e te-3 r m-3 i-1 n ed by the-2 cl-1 in ica-3 l /-1 h ealth-3 c are -2 c o-1 n te-2 x t a-1 n d-1 e-4 n vi-3 r o-1 n-2 me-1 n t o f the practi-3 c e -1 p la-3 c e-1 m ent i-2 t s-2 e lf.

Learning Outcomes

1. On successful completion of this module the student should be able to develop practice independently with appropriate support and guidance, within a structured supervised and supportive environment in achieving the following learning outcomes:1. Demonstrate professional behavior and an understanding and consideration of patient/client rights and consent.2. Communicate effectively and appropriately using clear and accurate means of documentation.3. Identify adverse events/near misses and minimise risk associated with assessment and interventions4. Conduct (independently with appropriate support and guidance) effective patient/client examination (including interviews and physical assessment) and select appropriate health indicators and outcomes,.5. Demonstrate (independently with appropriate support and guidance) effective clinical reasoning skills in identifying and prioritising patient/client problems through interpretation of assessment findings and selection of appropriate intervention.6. Demonstrate (independently with appropriate support and guidance) effective skills in relation toappropriate monitoring and progression of intervention (including education) and discharge of patient/client.7. Apply an in-depth integration of a wide-range of evidence-based practice in patient/client care.8. Demonstrate a critical understanding of personal learning needs and a commitment to Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Teaching / Learning Strategy

S-1 i tuated lear-1 n i-2 n g-1 in t-3 h e -1 p r-3 a c t-1 i ce-1 envi-3 r o-1 n-2 m ent al-3 l o-2 w s s-2 t-1 ud ents -2 t o -2 t est -3 h y-1 p o t-3 h eses-5 a-1 n d-1 eval-2 u a-3 t e a-1 n d-1 -3 i m-1 p l-3 e m-2 e-1 n t a-1 pp ro-1 p ri-1 a te p-4 h ysi-2 o thera-1 p y-4 ma-1 n a-1 g-2 e ment.-3 Pla-3 c-2 e ments-2 -1 p rovi-2 d e-2 st-1 ud ents-3 with-3 a u-2 n i-2 q-1 u e o-1 pp o-3 r tu-2 n ity-1 to-1 ap-2 p ly know-3 l ed-2 g e a-1 n d-1 ski-1 l-3 l s as pa-4 r t o f-3 cl-1 in ical-1 p-3 r o-1 b l-3 e m -2 s o lving-4 and-2 rea-3 s o-1 n i-2 n g i-2 n cl-1 ud i-2 n g-1 emerg-1 ing-2 / c-1 o n-2 t e m-4 p o ra-3 r y a-3 r eas-2 o f -1 ph ysiothe-3 r a-1 p y pra-3 c tic e . A-3 -1 v a-1 r iety-1 o f-3 learn-1 in g-1 and-2 t-2 e a-3 c-1 h i-2 n g-1 strateg-1 i es-2 are -1 u-3 s ed -3 r-2 o u t-1 in ely by-2 t-1 h e -1 p r-3 a c t-1 i-3 c e ed-4 u cat o r, e.g. tut o ri-1 a l-3 s , st-1 ud e-3 n t?led -3 s e m i-2 n ars,-3 o-1 p-4 p o rtu-2 n i t-1 i es-2 f o r-5 o-1 b se-3 r vat-3 i o n-1 and-1 peer?-4 a ssi-3 s ted-1 learn-1 ing . W-3 i th-1 i n-1 t-1 h e-2 m o-1 du le i-2 n-1 d epen-2 d ent C-2 P D -2 a ct-3 i vitie-2 s , both-3 verb-1 a l-2 a-1 n d-1 wri-3 t t en, -3 a re -1 und erta-2 k en by-2 stu-2 d ents-2 -1 d ai-1 l y. The-3 s e -3 f o rm-2 t-1 h e -1 b as-3 i s-2 o f a structu-1 r ed d-1 i scu-3 s sion-3 with-1 an-1 alloca-2 t ed l-3 e cturer. It-3 is-2 e xpected-3 t-1 h at -3 s tu-2 d ents-2 will -3 r eq-2 u ire a d-2 e creasi-1 n g-1 su-2 p-1 p o-3 r t a-1 n d -1 gu i-2 d a-1 n ce, within-2 a-2 structu-4 r ed su-2 p er v i-3 s ed and-2 su-2 p-1 p o-3 r t-3 i ve-2 envi-3 r o-1 n-2 m ent as-3 t-1 h-2 e y p-3 r o-1 g ress-2 thro-1 ug h-1 t-4 h eir p-1 l ac-2 e ments. -1 N ew -2 t ech-1 n o-3 l o-1 g ies-2 will a-1 l-3 s o-1 b e -1 u sed in-1 t-4 h e -2 t eachi-2 n g-1 a-3 n d-1 learn-1 in g-1 stra-3 t egies-2 within-4 -1 p ractice-1 ed-2 u cat-3 i o-1 n . -260 -1 N B. In-1 o r-1 d er -3 f o r p-4 h ysi-2 o the-3 r a-1 p y st-1 ud ents-3 -2 t o ga-1 i n-1 -2 e xper-3 i ence acr o ss-3 a ra-2 n-1 g e-2 o f p-3 a t-3 i ents / cl-3 i ents-1 with a-3 v ar-4 i ety-4 o f med-1 i cal-3 and-1 healthca-4 r e -3 c-2

Indicative Reading

Pre?-1 p la-3 c e-1 m ent pa-3 c kages:-2 -3 A vai-1 l a-1 b le f-3 r-2 o m-1 P-1 h ys-3 i o thera-4 p y P l-3 a c-2 e men-3 t s o n-3 GCU-2 L earn-3 P-1 h ys-3 i o t-3 h era-1 p y-2 Pla-3 c e-1 m ents -1 p o rtal. C-1 h artered -3 S o ci-2 e ty-1 o f-2 P-1 h-2 y s-3 i o thera-4 p y (C-4 S P)-2 2-2 0 1-2 1 , -3 C o-1 d e-2 for-2 m-2 e m-1 b ers' -1 p-3 r o fe-2 s sio-1 n al-3 val-2 u es a-1 n d-1 -3 b ehav-2 i o-1 u rs. C-1 S-2 P , L o-1 nd o-1 n . C-1 h artered -3 S o ci-2 e ty-1 o f-2 P-1 h-2 y s-3 i o the r a-4 p y (C-4 S P)-2 2-2 0 1-2 2 , E-1 qu a-3 l ity and-2 di-2 v ersi-2 t y -2 to o lkit. A-3 practical-1 g-2 u i-2 d e -3 f o r -2 s t-2 e wards, ma-1 n a-1 g ers-2 a-1 n d-1 m e m-4 b ers, -3 C SP, -2 L o-1 nd o-1 n . C-1 h artered -3 S o ci-3 e ty-1 o f-2 P-1 h-2 y s-3 i o thera-4 p y (C-4 S P),-2 2-2 01 2, E-3? P-2 o rtf o l-4 i o [On-1 l i-2 n e] -3 A vai-1 l a-1 b le -2 at : <>[-2 A c-2 c ess-2 e d-1 9 th Oct o-4 b er-2 2-2 0 13].-1 -2 ( CSP -3 r eg-1 i st-3 r a? o n-1 -3 r eq-2 u ire-1 d ) C-1 h artered -3 S o ci-2 e ty-1 o f-2 P-1 h-2 y s-3 i o thera-4 p y (C-4 S P)-2 2-2 0 12-2 Q-1 u al-1 i-2 t y Ass-1 u ra-2 n ce-2 Stan-2 d ar-2 d s -3 f o r-2 -1 ph ysiothe-3 r a-1 p y -2 s er v-3 i ce -1 d el-3 i-2 v ery. CSP, -2 L o-1 nd o-1 n . Clo-1 ud er-2 L. -2 2 0-2 0 0, -2 " Refl-2 e ct-3 i-2 v e -1 p racti-3 c e in-1 p-1 h ys-3 i o t-3 h era-1 p y-2 e-1 du cat-3 i o-1 n : a-2 critical-4 c o-4 n v-2 e rsa?o-1 n ",-3 Stu-2 d ies in -1 H i-2 g-1 h er Ed-2 u cati o-1 n ,-2 v o l.-1 -2 2 5, -3 n o . 2,-3 p-1 p . 2-2 1 1?-2 2 33. D o-1 n a-1 gh y,-3 M .E.-3 &-1 -2 M o rss,-2 K.-2 2-2 0 00,-3 "G-1 u i-2 d ed -2 R efle-2 c? o-4 n :-2 A fr-1 a-2 m e-2 w o rk-2 to-1 facil-1 i ta-2 t e -3 a-1 n d-1 assess -2 r efle-2 c?-2 v e -1 p rac-3?c e within-2 t-1 h e -1 d i-3 s ci-1 p l-1 in e o f-3 p-1 h-2 y siothera-4 p y",-2 P-1 h-2 y siot-3 h era-1 p y-2 T-1 h e-1 o ry a-1 n d-3 Pra-3 c?ce,-3 -1 v o l.-1 -3 n o .-2 1 6, p-1 p .3-3? 14. Gl-1 a s-1 g o w-2 Cale-3 d o-1 n ian-2 U-1 n i-2 v e-3 r sity-1 P-1 h ys-3 i o the-3 r a-1 p y-2 P-3 r o-1 g ra-2 m

Transferrable Skills

Tra-1 n sfera-1 b le-1 skil-1 l s in-3 t egr-1 a l-2 to-1 -2 m o-1 du le-2 o-1 p erat-2 i o n-1 and-2 t-1 h e lear-1 n i-2 n g-1 ex-3 p erience-2 inc-3 l-1 ud e -1 p rofe-2 s sio-1 n al -3 s kil-1 l s, i-2 n form-3 a ti o n-3 ma-1 n a-1 g-2 em ent,-2 a-1 d mi-2 n istrat-3 i ve-2 and-2 t-3 i me-2 m a-1 n a-1 g e m e-3 n t skil-1 l s,-3 inter-1 p e-3 rs o-1 n al skil-1 l s,-3 self-3 c o-1 n fi-2 d e-3 n ce,-1 self -1 d irecti o n-3 a-1 n d-1 learn-1 ing , ana-4 l ytical,-2 e-1 v al-2 u ati-2 v e a-1 n d-1 pro-1 b-3 l em-1 s o-3 l v i-1 n g-1 s k i-1 l ls,-3 refl-3 e ct-2 i o n-3 a-1 n d-1 reflect-2 i ve-2 writi-2 n g-1 -2 s kil-1 l s.

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Independent Learning (FT) 44.00
Assessment (FT) 4.00
Tutorials (FT) 2.00
Practicals (FT) 150.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Placement 01 0.00 100.00 40% Assessment of Clinical Competence
Course Work 01 0.00 0.00 40% Compulsory Summative Assessment - 1500 words