SHE Level 3
SCQF Credit Points 20.00
ECTS Credit Points 10.00
Module Code M3K222234
Module Leader Jim Castle
School School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment
Subject Construction and Surveying
  • B (January start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

General knowledge of Construction Technology up to and including Level 2 (or equivalent)

Summary of Content

Site visit to a selected distressed building. The preparation & execution of a residential property Building Inspection / Survey Report (inc photographic plate records). Undertaking of limited dimensional floor plan survey (selected elements only) to include both physical and digital recording (CAD). Assess the requirements of Statutory consent relating to aspects of the technical standards (example - response to DDA act 2004 or Fire security provision). To understand the clients remit and to action accordingly. In conjunction with CAD dwgs, preparation of selected specification requirements (NBS) to address remedial works proposed; or new improvement interventions. Prepare probable costs for Building Insurance valuation purposes (reinstatement works). Preparation of a Building Warrant application.


A site visit to a "real-life" building. A supervised Building Inspection & Survey Report (beyond aspects covered in Home Reports/Single Survey (Managed Project)) using equipment on site such as Thermal Imaging, Endoscopy, Survey Master and digital/electronic measuring devices with hands on experience. Assess the requirement of the client in a prepared brief with a remit to provide the survey report and possible reuse of the property for disabled person use. Experience the requirements of Statutory Bodies ranging from Planning, Building Warrant and other Statutory Bodies such as Roads Department, Environmental Health, Water "Board" and such like. NBS (National Building Specification) documentation available to the Building Surveyor (Limited sections only). Building Insurance Valuation/Refurbishment-Reinstatement Cost. The provision of a portfolio for the Client including Report based upon inspection, drawings, outline probable costs and Statutory Consents. To advise on the preparation of a portfolio of the above requirements to enable the Graduate to present such information at an interview.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student at level 3 should be able to :Understand key aspects of the role of the Building Surveyor as a property professional relating to client agency and technical design requirements, (A4, A6, B1, B5, C1, C5).Undertake a residential property Building Inspection & survey report (Selected elements) inc selected plans & proposed drawings, which meet the requirements of the Technical standards /Building control. (A1, A4, A5, B2, B3, B5, C1, C2, C3, D10 &D12)Appraise options on design and those areas which impinge, relating to technical requirements / statutory bodies & client perceptions. (A1, A4, A5, B2, B3, B5, C1, C2, C3). Further appraise the overall involvement of the Building Surveyor / Building Control Surveyor, in the property recording, design refurbishment / improvement and repair exercise (A1, A2, A3, A5, B4).

Teaching / Learning Strategy

Lectures will provide fundamental theoretical concepts to inculcate in the student previous experience in the area, and will be supported by the site visits to a live project. Staff will be involved on site to advise students of possible problematic areas in connection with the remit and Technical Standards. The availability of CAD facilities at both GCU/SEBE on 5th floor is ensured. Tutorials and seminars will be complimented and supported by guest lecturers from various fields within the discipline and the areas being addressed where possible. Learning and teaching strategies will be developed and implemented, appropriate to students' needs, to enable all students to participate fully in the module. Lectures and VLE materials provide the main theoretical concepts. On site tutorial based learning will complement the lecture and handout material.

Indicative Reading

BRE Digests; Information Papers; Good Repair Guides; Good Building Guides Hollis Malcolm Surveying Buildings, Surveying Publications (RICS 2005) 5th Edition RICS Guidance Note, Building Surveys of Residential Property (2nd Edition) Building Surveys and Reports, Douglas, James, 4th Edition 2011, Wiley and Blackwell Mitchells Structure and Fabric, Foster, Jack, Part 2, 7th Edition - Foster, Harrington and Greano, Pearson Publishing, 2007 Understanding Building Failures, Douglas and Ransom, 3rd Edition, 2007, Taylor Francis Pubnlishing. Assessing Building Services, Parnham, Phil, RICS Publishing, 2012 Construction Technology 3, Riley and Cotgrave, 2010, Palgrave Publishing. Barry, Robin The Intro to Construction of Buildings, Blackwell Science Ltd (2010) 2nd Edition Specification writing for architects and surveyors, Willis, Christopher James, 1997. Plus any material mounted on GCULearn

Transferrable Skills

On successful completion of this module the student should be able to: Plan, construct and structure a written report inc CAD Skills & Probable Costing. A1, A2, A4, A5 B2,C1,C2,C3,C4,D1,D4,D7,D10,D13,D14. IT Skills.D10,D13. Work as an individual and within a group context - D1 to D14 inclusive

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Lectures (FT) 10.00
Seminars (FT) 15.00
Practicals (FT) 35.00
Tutorials (FT) 15.00
Assessment (FT) 12.00
Independent Learning (FT) 113.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 1 n/a 40.00 35% Building Survey Report
Coursework 2 n/a 60.00 35% Final Submission & Portfolio