SHE Level 3
SCQF Credit Points 20.00
ECTS Credit Points 10.00
Module Code M3B826010
Module Leader Louise Boyle
School School of Health and Life Sciences
Subject Diagnostic Imaging
  • A (September start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Normally, completion of level 2 of the programme.

Summary of Content

-360-2 This-12 module-12 -2 builds-10 -1 on-12 the-11 -2 s-1 tudent'-2 s-12 initial-12 -3 i-2 ntroduction-11 -1 to-12 -1 treatment-11 -2 planning-11 in-11 -3 P-2 h-3 ysics-12 and -1 de-2 velo-1 p-2 s-12 their-11 -2 skills-10 in-11 -2 ide-1 nt-2 ifying-11 and -2 outlining-10 -1 crit-2 ical-11 -2 s-1 tructures-2 ,-11 applying-11 -1 beam-10 -1 modif-2 i-1 cation-11 and-11 -2 pr-3 oducing-10 -1 treatment -2 plans.-13 -2 Stude-1 nts-14 -2 ha-3 v-2 e-14 the-14 -1 opportunity-12 -1 to-14 -3 i-2 nt-3 eg-2 rate-14 and-14 apply-13 their-14 -1 anat-2 omical-14 and-14 -1 radiotherap-2 y-13 -2 kn-1 o-2 wledg-1 e-14 in-14 this module. -22 In-13 addition,-12 -2 s-1 tudents-12 will-12 learn-12 about-12 the-12 -2 r-3 ole-11 -2 of-12 -1 r-2 adioiso-1 topes-12 in-12 -1 radiotherap-2 y-12 treatment,-11 -1 not-2 ably-12 -1 br-2 ac-1 hytherap-2 y.-12 -2 This module-11 -2 c-1 on-2 s-1 truct-2 ively-10 aligns-10 with-10 the-10 -1 practice-10 -1 edu-2 c-1 ation-10 module specialist placement sites-2 .


-360-4 1. The principles of treatment planning: t-3 reatment -1 planning -2 s-3 y-2 stem requirements, inverse and forward planning, -360 2. Perform-9 manual-8 -1 and-8 computer-9 -1 dose-8 calculations -360-2 3. Geom-1 e-2 tric-3 -1 uncert-2 ai-1 nties -1 4. Radioisotopes: Legislation, production and applications in practice. -2 5. B-1 rach-2 y-1 therap-2 y: Legislation, international guidelines, process and -2 procedures. 6. QA in -1 relation -1 to -1 treatment -1 planning and -2 radionuclides.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the students should be able to:1. Discuss treatment planning system requirements.2. Appraise and justify treatment planning approaches, calculate and evaluate plans for clinical acceptability.3. Discuss the application of radioisotopes in therapeutic practice.4. Evaluate the role of brachytherapy in oncology.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

-2 This-17 module-17 will-17 -2 c-1 ombine-16 a-16 -1 number-16 -2 of-17 -4 k-3 e-4 y-17 -1 note-16 -1 lectures-17 -1 that-17 will-17 -1 be-16 -3 c-2 omplemented-17 with-17 a-17 -1 series-16 -2 of-16 -1 tut-2 orials-16 and -1 independent-11 study.-10 A-10 -2 ran-3 g-2 e-11 -2 of-10 -1 t-2 eaching-11 and-10 learning-12 actives-10 will-10 -1 be-10 -1 utilized-10 -1 to-10 -1 de-2 v-1 elop-10 -2 s-1 tudent-11 learning-11 and -1 en-2 g-1 a-2 g-1 ement-2 ,-21 -2 di-1 rected-20 -1 t-2 eaching,-20 and-21 -2 simul-1 ated-21 learning.-20 -2 Stude-1 nts-21 -1 are-21 also-21 -1 supported-20 -1 b-2 y-21 access-21 -1 to-20 GCUlearn-17 -2 (virtual learning-28 -1 en-2 vi-1 ronment-2 )-26 and-27 GCULearn-26 mobile-27 -1 t-2 echnology-27 -1 to-27 -2 facili-1 tate-27 -2 communic-1 ation-2 ,-26 -1 pro-2 vide-27 access-26 -1 to-27 module -2 m-1 at-2 erials-3 and-3 -1 pro-2 vide f-1 eedback-4 -1 on-3 form-2 at-3 i-2 ve-3 and-2 summ-1 at-2 i-1 ve-3 assessments. Actives-4 -1 utilizing the-3 -1 treatment-3 -2 planning -3 sys-2 tem-5 will-4 enhance-6 -2 s-1 tudent-4 -1 under-2 s-1 t-2 anding-5 -2 of-4 -1 treatment-4 -2 planning-4 -1 processes-2 .-4 -3 Form-2 at-3 i-2 ve-5 actives-4 -1 are-4 -2 underta-3 k-2 en-5 -1 at-4 k-3 e-4 y -2 poi-1 nts-7 -1 throughout-6 the-6 module-7 -1 to-6 -2 demon-3 s-2 trate-7 -2 effec-3 t-2 ive-6 learning-8 in-7 -1 areas-6 which-7 -1 are-6 -2 kn-1 o-2 wn-7 -1 to-6 -1 be-7 -2 c-1 oncep-2 tually challenging.

Indicative Reading

Radiotherapy and Physics -360b7 Barrett A, Dobbs J., Morris S., Roques T. (2009) Practical Radiotherapy Planning 4th Edition, London, Hodder Arnold ebook b7 Bushong, Stewart Carlyle. (2017) Radiologic science for technologists: physics, biology, and protection. 11th ed. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier. b7 Cherry, Pam. & Duxbury, Angela. (2009) Practical radiotherapy: physics and equipment. 2nd ed. Wiley-Blackwell. b7 Dieterich, Sonja et al. (2016) Practical radiation oncology physics: a companion to Gunderson & Tepper's clinical radiation oncology. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier. b7 Ellis, Harold et al. (2015) Human sectional anatomy atlas of body sections, CT and MRI images. 4th ed. Hoboken: CRC Press. b7 Graham, Donald T. et al. (2011) Principles and applications of radiological physics . 6th edition. Edinburgh;: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier. b7 Hoskin, Peter. (2013) External beam therapy. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. b7 Neal, Anthony J. & Hoskin, Peter J. (2009) Clinical oncology basic principles and practice. 4th ed. Hodder Education. b7 Levy (2010) Radiation Therapy- Study Guide and Exam Review. Missouri, Elsevier b7 Rankin J., Robb K., Murtagh N, Cooper J (2008) Rehabilitation in Cancer Care Blackwell Oxford b7 Sibtain, Amen. et al. (2012) Physics for clinical oncology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. b7 Symonds, Paul. et al. (2012) Walter and Miller's Textbook of radiotherapy: radiation physics, therapy, and oncology. 7th ed. Elsevier. b7 Tobias, Jeffrey & Hochhauser, Daniel (2015) Cancer and its management. Seventh edition. Chichester, England: Wiley Blackwell. b7 Washington, Charles M. & Leaver, Dennis T. (2016) Principles and practice of radiation therapy. Fourth edition. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier Mosby. Anatomy -360b7 Bridge, Pete & Tipper, David J. (2017) CT anatomy for radiotherapy. Second edition. Keswick, Cumbria: M & K Update Ltd. b7 Ellis, Harold et al. (2015) Human sectional anatomy atlas of body sections, CT and MRI images. 4th ed. Hoboken: CRC Press. b7 Moore, Keith L. et al. (2014) Essential clinical anatomy. 5th ed. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. b7 Spratt, Jonathan D. (2017) Weir & Abrahams' imaging atlas of human anatomy . 5th ed. New York: Elsevier Limited. b7 Waugh, Anne et al. (2018) Ross & Wilson anatomy and physiology in health and illness. 13th edition. Edinburgh: Elsevier Health Sciences. Journals -360b7 International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology and Physics b7 British Journal of Radiology b7 Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology b7 Clinical Oncology b7 Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice Websites: -360b7 Royal College or Radiologists: <> b7 Society of Radiographers: <> b7 Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine: <> b7 American Association of Physicists in Medicine: <> b7 Health and Care Professions Council <> b7 Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines <> b7 NICE <> b7 European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) <> Apps: -360 e- Anatomy: e-Anatomy. Montpellier, France: IMAIOS.

Transferrable Skills

-4 T-3 rans-4 f-3 errable -2 skills -1 associated-3 with-3 this-3 module-2 -1 are-2 :-3 ICT-3 -2 skills-1 ,-2 -1 teamwork-2 and-2 i-1 nterpersonal-3 -2 skills-1 ,-2 problem solving-1 , crit-2 i-1 cal thinking, -2 clinic-1 al -1 reasoning, -3 c-2 ollaboration and -3 c-2 ommuni-3 c-2 ation -2 skills; -1 task -1 prioritisation and -1 time -1 mana-2 g-1 ement -2 skills; -1 a-2 c-1 ademic writing .

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Assessment (FT) 30.00
Lectures (FT) 22.00
Tutorials (FT) 24.00
Independent Learning (FT) 124.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Exam 01 2.00 50.00 35% Written Exam
Course Work 01 0.00 50.00 35% Coursework 2,000 words