SHE Level 2
SCQF Credit Points 20.00
ECTS Credit Points 10.00
Module Code M2N120074
Module Leader n/a
School INTO
Subject INTO
  • B (January start)
  • A (September start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Successful completion of CBS Framework level 1 modules or appropriate equivalent

Summary of Content

This module presents a perspective on major issues arising from the development of businesses. The impacts of business developments are felt by the firms themselves, their employees, consumers of their products and the economies within which they operate - from local economies to the global economy. The module presents a framework which assists with the identification of the causes and effects of changes in the nature, scale and role of business enterprise with a major emphasis placed on actual cases and available evidence.


The enterprise economy in the UK. Its structure and development. The causes and consequencies of change. Empirical evidence. Industries, markets and firms. The structure of markets and the size of firms. Competitive behaviour and the issue of market power - issues and evidence. The nature of the firm and the concept of enterprise - Kirzner, Schumpeter, Casson. More recent evidence of empirical factors affecting the development of entrepreneurship. The definition of small firms and their importance in the UK. Enterprise support and policy issues within UK and EU - targeting support and networks. Causes and processes of firms' growth. Internal growth: Continuous improvement or mass production. Economic aspects of Total Quality Management - costs, productivity, flexibility. External growth and corporate restructuring. Mergers and aquisitions - recent trends and evidence. New technology as a driver for growth in the knowledge economy. Competition policy in UK and EU. The emergence of the MNC. Definition of MNC's, their importance of FDI in the UK. Emerging issues in Globalisation.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion students will be able to:- Identify the major causes and effects of changes in the structure of the economy.- Understand the nature of market power and its implication for firms behaviour- Explain the evolution of business firms and interpret the available UK evidence- Analyse the major policy issues affecting small businesses- Identify the major drivers for change in the growth of businesses- Understand the implications of the trends to globalisation

Teaching / Learning Strategy

Lectures will be complemented by organised student led discussions examining the available evidence and specific cases relating to a menu of topics. These may vary in emphasis in order to reflect current developments. A high priority will be placed upon the use of current statistical sources and web based material.

Indicative Reading

Applied Economics, A Griffiths & S Wall, 9th 2001 Prentice Hall Entrepreneurship and Small Firms, D Deakins, 1996 McGraw Hill Business Economics, M S Greenwood and M J Carter, 1998, International Thomson Business Press Economics for Business, D McAleese, 2001 Prentice Hall Sample Websites: Company websites

Transferrable Skills

- Participation in group work - Production of group report - Access and analyse web based data

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Assessment (FT) 20.00
Independent Learning (FT) 110.00
Lectures (FT) 30.00
Seminars (FT) 20.00
Group Discussions 20.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 0.00 40.00 35% Group consultancy report based on industry/sectors/firms
Exam (Exams Office) 2.00 60.00 35% Exam