SHE Level 2
SCQF Credit Points 20.00
ECTS Credit Points 10.00
Module Code M2G425833
Module Leader Nebrase Elmrabit
School School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment
Subject Cyber Security and Networks
  • B (January start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Introduction to Computer Networking or equivalent. Fundamentals of Computing or equivalent.

Summary of Content

Cybersecurity risks and threats are ever-present. The Internet and network infrastructures are increasingly vulnerable to a wide variety of physical and cyber attacks. These threats and vulnerabilities are fuelling the growing need for skilled cybersecurity professionals who can protect systems from attack, respond to security breaches and solve cyber crimes. This module covers knowledge in aspects of security in the cyber world, including information security, systems security, network security, physical security and laws.


Network Protocols and Services, Network Infrastructure, Principles of Network Security, Cryptography, Endpoint Security and Analysis, Security Monitoring, Intrusion Data Analysis, Incident Response and Handling. -360

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student should be able to:1 - Analyse cybersecurity threat events in a safe, virtualised environment.2 - Analyse the operation of network protocols and services.3 - Explain the operation of the network infrastructure and classify the various types of network attacks.4 - Use network monitoring tools to identify attacks against networks implement various methods to prevent malicious access to computer networks, hosts, and data.5 - Explain the impacts of cryptography on network security monitoring.6 - Analyse network intrusion data to identify compromised hosts and vulnerabilities.7 - Apply incident response models to manage network security incidents.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

This module will be taught by means of workshops and practical exercises. Students are directed to study appropriate texts and articles both paper based and web based to consolidate their knowledge of the topics covered. GCULearn will also be used to provide access to a range of relevant learning resources and materials to enhance the teaching strategy. In addition, students will be encouraged to access NETLAB, an innovative hands-on online lab learning environment providing access to live systems and network devices. Regular and frequent assessments provide immediate feedback to support the evaluation of knowledge and acquired skills.

Indicative Reading

Cybersecurity Operations - Cisco Networking Academy Vacca, John R. (2014) - Cyber Security and IT Infrastructure Protection ( Chapman, Chris (2016) - Network Performance and Security - Testing and Analyzing Using Open Source and Low-Cost Tools (

Transferrable Skills

A2 - Knowledge and understanding of the essential facts, concepts and theories relating to technological applications as appropriate to the programme of study, together with an awareness of the development of digital technologies. A3 - The legal system and framework of relevant legal processes, regulatory environments, codes of practice, quality issues and industrial standards, involved in the exploitation of digital technology. B3 - Ability to recognise any risks or safety aspects that may be involved in the operation of computing and information systems within a given context. C1 - Logical thinking and problem solving. C2 - Critical analysis. D1 - Communication skills (electronic, written, oral and listening) necessary to make effective presentation of a technical nature (information, ideas, problems and their solutions) to a range of audiences. E2 - Creativity, innovation and independent thinking. E6 - Ability to prioritise tasks and time management (organising and planning work).

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Independent Learning (FT) 132.00
Seminars (FT) 36.00
Assessment (FT) 20.00
Practicals (FT) 12.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 1 n/a 50.00 35% Practical Research / Laboratory Work
Exam (Dept) 01 n/a 50.00 35% Class Test