SHE Level 2
SCQF Credit Points 30.00
ECTS Credit Points 15.00
Module Code M2B925948
Module Leader Lorna Woodward
School School of Health and Life Sciences
Subject SHLS - School Office
  • A (September start)-B (January start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Pass all modules in level 1

Summary of Content

Students will develop their clinical abilities through practice and demonstration. The management of patients requiring periodontal restorative and preventive treatment will be undertaken and theoretical aspects will be integrated throughout this module. Students will develop clinical treatment strategies, identify and treat oral conditions, implement principles of patient management and care and practice effective communication within the clinical team. During this module they will enhance skills in reflective practice and clinical reasoning.


Students will apply theoretical knowledge from Level 2 lectures to clinical procedures in both adult restorative clinics and outreach clinical placements. Dental materials used in specific restorative clinical procedures. Pharmacology relevant to periodontal disease management. Utilising pain control techniques including behavioural management of the anxious patient. Recognition, management and continuing care of the patients with periodontal disease. Recognition of types of disease of the hard tissues and the management and prevention of these.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the student should be to: 1. Use a range of approaches to formulate, critically evaluate and apply evidence based approach to learning, clinical and professional practice and decision making.2. Apply knowledge and understanding of the aetiology and pathogenesis of oral diseases.3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of any relevant drugs and therapeutic agents. Apply this knowledge and understanding to patient management.4. Demonstrate, manage and exercise the significance of changes in the patient's reported oral health status and take appropriate action.5. Apply knowledge, skills and understanding in carrying out prescribed non-surgical treatments, using a range of approaches and methods.6. Demonstrate knowledge, awareness and understanding as well as using a range of professional skills and techniques for the management of any complications associated with periodontal therapy.7. Demonstrate knowledge, awareness and understanding of the role of surgical management of periodontal diseases and apply knowledge and skills in use of antimicrobials and exercise appropriate patient care.8. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the risks related to dental implant therapy and apply knowledge and professional skills in maintaining peri-implant tissue health.9. Demonstrate and apply knowledge, skills and understanding in managing, restoring and maintaining function and aesthetics of the dentition in accordance with the principles of minimal intervention.10. Convey information showing the role of the dental therapist in the restoration of teeth.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

Tuition is by individual supervision, teaching, facilitation of learning combined with demonstrations and tutorial support and personal tutoring and counselling where appropriate. Structured clinical practical sessions to reinforce, integrate and apply theoretical knowledge and experience. Integrate internal and external specialists from various dental disciplines in conjunction with DCP staff to encourage broad multidisciplinary holistic care. This will be delivered in group and individual basis problem based learning, external placements of varying duration and exposure supported reflective learning and self directed learning.

Indicative Reading

Bartlet & Ricketts.(2007) Indirect Restorations. Quintessence Chestnutt, Gibson. (2002) Clinical Dentistry 3rd edition. Churchill Livingstone Hatrick, Eakle, Bird.(2003) Dental Materials- Clinical Applications for Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists. Saunders Kidd, Smith, Watson(2003). Pickards Manual of Operative Dentistry, 8th edition. Oxford University Press Lynch C. (2008)Successful Posterior Composites. Quintessence McCabe JF, Walls AWG. (2001)Applied Dental Materials., 8th edition. Blackwell Science. Mitchell C. (2008)Dental Materials in Operative Dentistry. Quintessence Perry DA, Beemsterboer PL, Essex G. Periodontology for the Dental Hygienist 4 th edition. Elsevier. Wingrove SS. Peri-implant Therapy for the Dental Hygienist:Clinical Guide to Maintenance and Disease Complications. Wiley-Blackwell Journals: The Journal of Clinical Periodontology The Journal of Paediatric Dentistry Websites:

Transferrable Skills

Team work Peer assessment and support Verbal and non-verbal communication skills Psychomotor skills Patient interaction Observational skills Reflective practice Evaluation of self and peers Psychosocial skills of diplomacy Self esteem Research skills Lifelong Learning Specialist knowledge Ability to apply knowledge Experiential learning Engaged learning Divergent thinking Personalised thinking Flexible learning with use of technology

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Placement 223.00
Tutorials (FT) 17.00
Assessment (FT) 30.00
Independent Learning (FT) 30.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Exam 01 2.00 40.00 40% Written Exams40% Threshold is a regulatory Body requirement (GDC). Exception case 206.
Course Work 01 n/a 20.00 40% Clinical Exam40% Threshold is a regulatory Body requirement (GDC)Exception case 206
Exam (Dept) 01 n/a 40.00 40% Case Presentation40% Threshold is a regulatory Body requirement (GDC)Exception case 206