SHE Level 2
SCQF Credit Points 40.00
ECTS Credit Points 20.00
Module Code M2B826013
Module Leader Jennifer Turnbull
School School of Health and Life Sciences
Subject Diagnostic Imaging
  • A (September start)-B (January start)-C (May start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Normally, completion of level 1 of the programme.

Summary of Content

-2 This module -1 builds -1 upon the -1 placement -2 orientation and induction -1 provided in -2 l-1 e-2 v-1 el 1 and -1 de-2 v-1 elops the -1 students' -1 pro-2 f-1 essionalism as -1 w-2 ell as their -1 techni-2 c-1 al, -2 patent -3 c-2 are and -3 c-2 ommuni-3 c-2 ation -2 skills-1 . -2 The -1 students -2 ha-3 v-2 e the -1 opportunity -1 to -1 act-2 ively -1 participate in -1 pre-2 --1 treatment -2 processes and -1 treatment -1 deli-2 v-1 er-2 y -2 (-1 under -1 super-2 vision). -1 Students also -2 ha-3 v-2 e the -1 opportunity -1 to complete observational placements in multi-disciplinary settings.


-360-2 1. Organisation and daily management of linear accelerator and simul-1 ator areas-2 . -360-3 2. P-2 atient -1 positioning -3 f-2 or -1 radiotherap-2 y and use of immobilisation devices. -360-2 3. Standard linear accelerator techniques. -360-4 4. Basic t-3 reatment-24 -2 planning-23 -2 procedures. -360 5. Patient care throughout radiotherapy journey. -360-2 6. Radiothe-1 rap-2 y-15 -2 documentation-14 and-15 -2 associ-1 ated-14 -2 quality-13 -1 assurance-15 mechanisms. -360-3 7. E-2 ffec-3 t-2 ive-8 -3 communic-2 ation with patients and the multi-disciplinary team. -360-1 8. Radiotherap-2 y -1 reactions and appropriate advice. -1 9. Specialist placement.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:1. Demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviours, and communicate effectively with staff, patients and carers within the radiotherapy department.2. Under supervision, interpret and implement appropriate planning and treatment information, and demonstrate safe and effective operation of radiotherapy equipment .3. Describe current techniques used in radiotherapy, explaining the rationale for their use.4. Contribute to the daily routine and functions of the radiotherapy unit, and observe and explain the contribution of specialist placement services.

Teaching / Learning Strategy

-2 This-15 module-15 -2 builds-14 -1 upon-15 the-15 -2 kn-1 o-2 wledg-1 e-15 and-14 -2 skills-14 -2 acqui-1 red-15 -2 during-14 the-15 -2 L-1 e-2 vel-1 1 practice education module.-14 It-3 -2 c-1 omplements the -1 a-2 c-1 ademic modules -2 deliv-1 ered in -2 L-1 e-2 v-1 el-5 2 and is -2 c-1 onstruct-2 ively aligned -1 to link -1 theoret-2 ical -1 principles -1 to their -1 pract-2 ical -1 appli-2 c-1 ations. -2 Stude-1 nts-19 will-18 -1 benefit-18 -3 f-2 r-3 om-18 -1 tutorials-19 -3 f-2 r-3 om-18 -4 k-3 e-4 y-18 -1 a-2 cademic-18 and-19 -2 clinical-18 -1 personnel-18 and-19 also-18 -2 work-17 with-19 and-18 learn -3 f-2 r-3 om -1 practition-2 ers in the -1 practice -2 s-1 etting in radiotherapy simulation, treatment, and specialist placements . -2 Stude-1 nts-16 -1 are-16 -1 supported-16 -1 b-2 y-15 access-16 -1 to-15 the-16 virtual-16 learning-16 -2 en-3 vi-2 ronment-16 -1 to-15 -2 facili-1 tate-16 -2 communic-1 ation-2 ,-15 -1 pro-2 vide access-4 -1 to-4 module-3 -2 m-1 at-2 erials-4 and-3 -1 pro-2 vide-4 -2 f-1 eedback-4 -1 on-4 -3 form-2 at-3 i-2 ve-3 and-4 -2 summ-1 at-2 i-1 ve-3 -1 assessments-2 . Cohort mentors will also provide personal and professional support in the clinical environment. Stude-1 nts-4 -2 ha-3 v-2 e-4 -1 opportunities-3 f-2 or-3 -2 refection-3 in-4 -2 order -1 to-4 -2 valid-1 ate-4 their-4 -1 e-2 xis-1 ting-3 knowledge,-3 -2 ide-1 nt-2 ify-4 -3 g-2 ap-3 s in-4 -2 kn-1 o-2 wledg-1 e-2 ,-3 -1 to -2 ma-3 k-2 e-15 -1 sense-15 -2 of-15 -1 ne-2 w-15 -2 kn-1 o-2 wledg-1 e-15 and-14 -1 to-15 guide-15 -2 future-15 learning-15 and-15 development.-2 Stude-1 nts-18 -1 obt-2 ain-18 -2 di-1 rect-19 -2 feedback-18 -1 on-18 their-18 -1 pro-2 fessional-20 -2 per-3 formance-17 -1 throughout-18 their-18 -2 placeme-1 nt-3 .

Indicative Reading

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Transferrable Skills

-360-2 On -1 success-2 ful -2 c-1 ompletion -2 of this module the -1 student -1 should -1 be able -2 to-3 :- -360-3 1. R-2 eflect ion and goal setting. -2 2. R-1 espond -1 appropriately to feedback. -1 3. Evidencing learning. -2 4. Effective communication. -3 5. IT skills.-5 -3 -5 6. Team working.-3 -2 7. Psychomotor skills. -2 8. Analyse information. -2 9. Clinical-28 -1 reasoning-29 skills. -360

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Assessment (FT) 20.00
Placement 306.00
Independent Learning (FT) 60.00
Tutorials (FT) 14.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Placement 01 n/a 25.00 40% Clinical - Trimester A
Placement 02 n/a 25.00 40% Clinical Trimester B
Course Work 01 n/a 50.00 40% Coursework - 2,500 words