SHE Level 5
SCQF Credit Points 0.00
ECTS Credit Points 0.00
Module Code MMN509292
Module Leader John Crosbie
School Glasgow School for Business and Society
Subject Economics
  • B (January start)

Pre-Requisite Knowledge


Summary of Content

This module examines the strategic role of marketing within organisations, its links to corporate strategy, and the key elements of strategic marketing.


MARKETINGS STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONS ROLES:The characteristics that differentiate strategic and tactical decisions; the interplay between strategic and tactical marketing decisions.THE MARKETING AUDIT:A systematic review of the organisations overall marketing position, taking into account both theinternal and external situations.EXAMINATION OF THE KEY STRATEGIC ISSUES IN MARKETING:Business/market definition, product-market strategy, competitive strategy and organisationstructure, consideration of the various planning models eg PLC, portfolio, Porter, PIMS.CONSIDERATION OF SELECTED STRATEGIC MARKETING DECISION AREAS:eg innovation, advertising, pricing.strategic marketing planning: BUSINESS DEFIniTION; SITUATION AUDIT OBJECTIVES; IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES, IMPLEMENTATION, CONTROL.APPROPRIATE CONSIDERATION WILL BE GIVEN TO PRODUCT/SERVICE ORGANISATIONS, PROFIT/NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANISATIONS, CONSUMER/INDUSTRIAL ORGANISATIONS.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students will be able to:- analyse marketings strategic role within organisations- undertake a marketing audit- demonstrate competence in the selection and application of models to particular marketing situations- prepare a marketing plan for an organisation- develop their organisational and communication skills

Teaching / Learning Strategy

Lectures, seminars, case studies, student group presentations based on a key strategic marketing issue,facing their organisation(s).

Indicative Reading

AAKER, DA, (1998) Strategic Marketing Management, 5th Ed,John Wiley & Sons CRAVENS, DW (1996) Strategic Marketing, 5th Ed, Chicago, IrwinDOYLE, Peter, Marketing Management and Strategy, Prentice Hall 1994HART, Susan, New Product Development, Dryden, 1996HOOLEY, G J , SAUNDERS, JA, PIERCY, NF,(1998), Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, 2nd Ed, Prentice Hall, 1998O'SHAUGHNESSY, John, Competitive Positioning, Prentice Hall 1995, 3rd edKOTLER, Philip, Marketing Management, 10th edition, Prentice Hall, 1999FORD, David, Understanding Business Markets, Academic Press, 1990

Module Structure

Activity Total Hours
Assessment (PT) 10.00
Lectures (FT) 8.00
Seminars (PT) 16.00
Seminars (FT) 16.00
Independent Learning (PT) 41.00
Assessment (FT) 10.00
Lectures (PT) 8.00
Independent Learning (FT) 41.00

Assessment Methods

Component Duration Weighting Threshold Description
Coursework 0.00 30.00 50% Presentation (Group)
Coursework 0.00 70.00 50% Case Study (Individual)