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Q&A with Conrad

Why did you choose GCU?

I did a bit of research and I realised that GCU was one of the few universities in the UK that offer a detailed course in financial services, risk and operations. And the fees are quite affordable, compared to other universities.

What do you think of the facilities here?

The university is really well equipped. It has excellent lecture facilities and one of the most modern library facilities where at the click of a button you can get whatever research material you’re looking for - whether it be book, journal or paper. 

How do you find life in Glasgow?

I think Glasgow is a fantastic place to be. The people are so friendly – they will help you with whatever you ask. There are a whole lot of restaurants and pubs of all kinds. Wherever you’re coming from, whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in Glasgow.

Are there other international students on your course?

At the moment we have roughly 22 students on our course. We have students coming from Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and, of course, myself - coming from Ghana. So it’s a great international mix!

How do you find the student accommodation?

I am currently residing in the university’s Caledonian Court. We have roughly six students on each floor and our rooms are quite spacious and self-contained (with toilet and bathroom facilities). So you have your own privacy. It’s very spacious; it’s very comfortable and I believe the cost is also quite reasonable.