Outdoor spaces

Hamish Wood garden

Fletcher Benton's Folded Circles statue is located at the left of the Hamish Wood Building. A great place to relax and take in some inspiration in one of the quieter seated areas on campus. ‌ 

Hamish Wood Garden

Saltire garden

Fancy studying outside? (When it’s sunny of course.) Just a few paces from the interior of the Sir Alex Ferguson library, cafe and refectory why not grab your books or bring your lunch and sit in this rich and green courtyard where you can enjoy the outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

 Saltire garden 300

Hidden (green) gem

Step through a door into another one of our secluded sitting areas, where you can enjoy the outdoors with your lunch and colleagues. Located between the George Moore and Govan Mbeki buildings, you can easily enjoy a quick break with a drink or snack before heading back to your desk or next meeting.

Hidden garden 300

Secret garden

Located at the back of the CPD Building cafe, a secluded indoor garden awaits. With plenty of natural light flooding in, it is an ideal place for a quick chat or some chill time. 

Secret graden 1 300

Outdoor gym

Located at the foot of the stairwell beside our Students' Association building, here you can enjoy a workout outdoors and even charge your phone while working out!

Outdoor gym

Saltire rooftop garden

Here we have an ideal view over the Saltire courtyard with seating to help relax on the nicer days. Getting up here is a real treat, peaceful and calming with a great view of part of the city centre too. 

Saltire rooftop garden

Accommodation gardens

Enjoy the courtyards at Caledonian Court, with plenty of seating that catch the sun and others to enjoy the shade. These green spaces accent our eco campus and are a welcome escape from the busyness of the city centre, only a stone’s throw away from our city centre campus.

Accommodation Gardens