PhD Opportunities

Science Without Borders logoFunding through CNPq is available for full PhDs, 1- year Sandwich PhD’s and post-doctoral research.

Full PhDs - 3 years at Glasgow Caledonian University

Application Process for full PhD funding:

  • PhD student to contact university/supervisor directly. Please contact in the first instance
  • Once applicant has been accepted by a PhD supervisor, in principle, a formal application to GCU is submitted by the student
  • Formal letter of acceptance will be issued directly to the applicant
  • Applicant is then required to apply for funding online directly to CNPq in Brazil

For a more comprehensive step-by-step application guide, please refer to the Science without Borders website.

Sandwich' PhDs - 6 months - 1 year at Glasgow Caledonian University and 2 – 2.5 years at a Brazilian institution

If you are a Sandwich PhD applicant you must first discuss applying for an SwB UK scholarship with your current supervisor in Brazil, then follow the application process as listed above.

Postdoctoral Applications

Science without Borders offers scholarships to Brazilian postdoctoral researchers to spend time undertaking research in the UK. The award covers the travel, accommodation, relocation costs, subsistence and health insurance

To be eligible for a scholarship researchers must be Brazilian citizens or permanent residents in Brazil and have already completed a PhD. Please contact should you have any questions on eligibility.

Any postdoctoral researchers wishing to come to the UK for 6-12 months (extendable for up to 2 years) to carry out postdoctoral research should first contact a suitable academic host at GCU.

Once you have a letter of invitation from GCU, you are advised to apply directly to Ciência sem Fronteiras for funding.

Researchers will have to apply for a visa to travel to the UK. Before applying for a visa please contact your supervisor and for help and information on your visa application

Research Themes and Areas at GCU

School of Health and Life Sciences

School of Engineering and Built Environment

  • Engineering and Energy Systems
  • Interactive and Communications Engineering
  • Sustainability in the Built Environment

Glasgow School for Business and Society

  • Citizenship and Participation
  • Violence, Crime and Justice
  • Inequality, Gender and Public Policy
  • Culture, Consumption and Communication
  • Public Management and Risk
  • Responsible Leadership and Innovation
  • Sport and Identities
  • History, Policy and Practice

PhD Research Opportunities at GCU

Student candidates are welcome to apply for any of the research areas and research student projects available at GCU.

The current research opportunities available, are listed on the following pages:

You are also welcome to develop your own proposed research project in alignment with the research themes and areas at GCU. You are recommended to approach the Research Contact listed alongside each research area or project to discuss further the possible research projects in your chosen area.