GCCN scholars celebrate graduating from GCU

26 June 2014

GCCN scholars celebrate graduating from GCU

Chancellor Professor Yunus captures the moment as he is reunited with GCCN scholars

Scholarship winners Popi Bhowmik, Rokeya Bristy, Satu Mondal and Rafiqun Nesa are celebrating their graduation from GCU. The four graduated with a BSc in Professional Studies in Nursing.

They joined GCU last year on Principal's Scholarships and a Grameen Scholarship after graduating from Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing, which was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh, by GCU and the Grameen Healthcare Trust in 2010.

Said Satu: "We are delighted and excited to be graduating from GCU. We all dreamed of continuing our studies overseas but never thought it would happen. We are so grateful to the Chancellor and the Principal and to GCU. We feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity and our families at home in Bangladesh are thrilled."

GCU Chancellor Professor Muhammad Yunus said: "We are incredibly proud of our four scholarship winners. These outstanding students began life in rural villages in Bangladesh before starting their studies at GCCN, and look where they are now - being awarded their degrees at GCU. Their lives have been transformed."

GCCN was established in 2010. The visionary college offers international standard nursing education and clinical practice to its students and is committed to raising the status of the profession in Bangladesh as well as providing opportunities, education and training to women from impoverished backgrounds across the country.