United nations at GCCN

16 December 2013

United nations at GCCN

GCCN students dressed in their own take on Scottish national dress during an international cafe event run by Senior Lecturer, Nursing, Des Cornes.

Des was at GCCN to teach a module in undergraduate management and leadership at the College. Said Des:  “One of the techniques I used was creating an international café –  a popular way to encourage participation and get students to voice their opinions. Each team operates a café – decorating an area and creating food to represent their team’s  country – and moves round the tables to discuss a series of topics. The students responded incredibly well and excelled themselves by even creating the night before national dress for each of the five countries.

“Teaching at GCCN  was a brilliant experience.  The students are a very highly regarded resource and are sought out by all hospitals and health care services because of their reputed knowledge and standards. Everywhere I went, Grameen College and GCU was held in the highest regard.”