Welcoming Jinan’s students and staff

10 August 2011

Welcoming Jinan’s students and staff

University of Jinan students and staff on campus

GCU has welcomed staff and students from the University of Jinan.

The delegation of 19 finance and environment students and academics arrived in Glasgow on Sunday and were welcomed to the campus by Executive Director of Finance and VP International David Beeby, Student President Matte Andrews and staff from the School of Engineering and Built Environment and Glasgow School for Business and Society, as well as International and support services staff.

The students will enjoy a packed two weeks, with trips around Glasgow, Stirling, Loch Lomond and to the Edinburgh International Festival planned.

As well as trying traditional Scottish cuisine and dancing, they will take on GCU students in a day of sports on campus. Matte joked that GCU students had been training hard to avoid the “thrashing” meted out on the basketball courts of Jinan University earlier this year.

On her first visit to the UK, finance student Sharon Zhou said: “I really like the campus already and I’m curious about everything in Scotland – I can’t believe how blue the sky is and how fresh the air feels. The atmosphere at the university is very exciting, especially in the library. I can’t wait to start studying.”

Luan Bingyu added: The people are very friendly and we are all excited. People really seem to love life here and we are looking forward to meeting all our old friends again. I’m happy they still remember our friendships. I want to absorb everything.”

Winnie Wang, from Jinan’s International team, said: “Even on the long coach journey to Glasgow we couldn’t stop looking at everything outside as the countryside is so beautiful, so natural. We love the campus, it’s so clean, and I want to learn more about the culture and the natural beauty of the land.”

During their stay the students will take on a fun project to consider how they would market the university to their peers in China.

This is Jinan students’ second trip to GCU. The university has been working with the University of Jinan since 2008 to allow students from Jinan to enrol on jointly designed programmes to prepare them to complete their third and fourth year of studies in Glasgow. GCU students have been guests of Jinan twice.