GCU and UMass Boston students learn at Bangladesh's hospitals

02 September 2015

GCU and UMass Boston students learn at Bangladesh

Students and staff from the School of Health and Life Sciences and GCU’s partner institution, the University of Massachusetts Boston, have travelled to Bangladesh to work at GCCN and in the country’s hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Senior lecturer Jennie Jackson and lecturer Ann Corbett are joining 10 students drawn from across the School and four nursing students and a member of staff from UMass Boston. It is the first time UMass Boston students have visited Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing, extending the School’s relationship with the US university to nursing. 

The students are sharing their clinical skills and learning from practitioners at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed and in a specialist eye clinic as well as enjoying cultural activities with GCCN students. Jennie and Ann are working alongside teaching staff at GCCN and giving a series of lectures to the College’s students. In addition, Jennie is running a nutrition day to raise awareness of good diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Ann said: “The annual trip is a fantastic opportunity for our students and, for the first time, students of UMass Boston. As they are all studying subjects related to healthcare, this trip allows them to experience the healthcare system in a country with very different needs and resources. In addition to assisting the staff at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, the students hope to share best practice in hand washing with patients and their relatives.”

As well as experiencing working life in Bangladesh, the students are immersing themselves in the country’s culture by exploring Dhaka and Srimangal.

GCCN is a collaborative project between GCU and the Grameen Healthcare Trust. It was set up in 2010 to give young people from the country’s poorest communities access to international-level education and training.