GCU student to develop rural enterprises in Bangladesh

11 May 2015

GCU student to develop rural enterprises in Bangladesh

Kathryn Mulvanny

GCU student Kathryn Mulvanny is travelling to Bangladesh to help rural entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

Kathryn, who is studying Management Technology and Enterprise in the Glasgow School for Business and Society, will spend 12 weeks volunteering with International Citizen Service - a UK government-funded development programme that brings together 18 to 25-year-olds to fight poverty in communities around the world.

Kathryn will be working to grow loom weaving businesses in the north west of the country.

Said Kathryn: “Until I arrive in Bangladesh, I am not entirely sure what I’ll be involved in but I will be helping manage businesses so will look at everything from stock control to predicting future trends. I’ll be largely supporting marginalised women in start-ups and small businesses and helping the women to pass on knowledge and increase the employability of other women in their communities.

“I’ll be living with a local family and, although I’m sure there will be many challenges and I’ll face complete culture shock, I am very excited about this opportunity and about experiencing a different way of living, socialising and having fun. It will be so rewarding to use my experience in the area from my studies at GCU and from previous HNC and HND studies to help someone grow their business.”