UMass Boston students visit GCU campus

24 March 2015

UMass Boston students visit GCU campus

GCU students welcome UMass Boston students

GCU has welcomed students from the University of Massachusetts Boston to the campus.

Six Pre-Med Biology students are visiting GCU for a week of study and cultural activities, hosted by the School of Health and Life Sciences, while six GCU students visit the UMass campus.

UMass student Rachel LoBalbo said: “This is everyone’s first time in the UK and we love everything about Glasgow and the GCU campus. We have had a really warm welcome. We were delighted to be chosen to visit GCU; we had to create a blog to explain why we were good candidates and then were selected by our peers. We are all especially interested in how study and learning techniques vary between Scotland the US and in making life-long friendships. We have seen the amazing friendships that have developed between students during previous exchanges between UMass Boston and GCU.”

Adrian Pierotti, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, said: “GCU is delighted to welcome UMass students to GCU and to offer our students a unique chance to study abroad. As well as attending lectures and labs, and enjoying a range of cultural activities around Scotland, UMass and GCU students will be creating a Wiki exploring stem cells and how, for example, they can be used to treat disease and the theories on both sides of the Atlantic. That has been a key element of all four exchanges between the universities and we hope that it will be embedded permanently in the curriculum as a core part of the School’s collaborative, online, international learning work.”