Tribute to Emeritus Professor David Langford

28 May 2010

Tribute to Emeritus Professor David Langford

IT is with great sadness that Glasgow Caledonian University reports the death of Emeritus Professor David Langford - one of the world’s leading figures in research and postgraduate teaching in Construction Management.

David, who was an international figure, died whilst attending a conference in Crete on Wednesday 26th May 2010.

Before coming to Glasgow Caledonian University, he worked at Brunel University, Bath University and most recently Strathclyde University.

A prolific author and Honorary Life President of the Association of Researchers in Construction Management , David loved to travel to work on research and postgraduate programmes.

He championed the rights of workers, particularly those from low wage economies subject to exploitation in the developing world, and one of his books on Construction Management was the first to be translated into Chinese.

David is survived by his wife Vicky and daughter Nadine.

The thoughts of everyone at Glasgow Caledonian University are with his family and friends.