How to Apply

To apply for a place at Caledonian Court, contact the Accommodation Office below and we'll send an application form out to you; alternatively download an Accommodation Application Form  and Accommodation Application Pack  (PDF).

2019/2020 HELD AT 2018/2019 PRICES - 39/45/50 WEEK CONTRACTS AVAILABLE

Accommodation Office contact details:

T: +44 (0)141 331 3980
F: +44 (0)141 331 3957

When to apply

International students who are entering their first year of study are guaranteed accommodation for September entry, provided an accommodation application is received by Friday 2 August 2019. Students can apply if they have a conditional or unconditional place.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee places for January entry, however, we would still encourage students to apply should any places become available.

How much does it cost?

The rent of £99.79 - £118.00 per week (39-week contract), includes heat, light and power, kitchen utensils and bedding and internet connection. When you receive an offer of accommodation you can accept the Conditions of Lease and make an advance payment of £650, providing you have accepted an unconditional offer of a full-time course at Glasgow Caledonian University. Once you have agreed to the contract, you are legally bound to pay rent for the duration of the contract period, whether or not you remain in residence.

How will I know if I have a place?

Only Accommodation Office staff allocates rooms to students. To avoid any misunderstanding and last minute panic you should not assume that you have a room until you receive confirmation in writing from the Accommodation Office.

What do I do after I receive a written offer?

Before moving in you must do three things:

  1. Confirm acceptance of your course 
  2. Sign and return the completed acceptance form
  3. Pay the advance instalment of £650

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Accommodation Contract

The Accommodation Contract is for the standard academic session/semester, irrespective of late arrival or early departure, and includes placements and “time-out” as defined by the University, which means you are liable for rent even if you don’t occupy your room. Extensions into summer time are agreed at the end of term, at additional cost.

If you are offered accommodation, please read the University Conditions of Lease so that you fully understand your agreement and obligations. Then you must return the signed acceptance form and make advance payment of £650. If you decide to cancel after making payment, you must write to us as soon as possible so that your room can be re-allocated. If this is received at least 10 days prior to the commencement of the contract date, you will be refunded, less an administration charge of £50. If you don’t occupy your room after this time, and don’t let us know, rent is deducted from the advance for up to three weeks, plus a late cancellation fee of£100 and the offer of accommodation is withdrawn.    

You must carefully consider the consequences of changing your mind after moving in, as you will be liable for all rent due for the remainder of the session. If you terminate your contract early, and the vacancy is re-allocated, you will be charged rent to the date that someone else moves in and an additional £100. Please notify us immediately of any intended/unforeseen changes in your tenancy, as contracts are not variable.