EU Partners

‌All of our current Erasmus European exchange partners for our 3 academic schools can be found below:

  • Glasgow School for Business & Society (GSBS)
  • School of Engineering & Built Environment (SEBE)
  • School of Health & Life Sciences (SHLS)

Please view the information outside the GCU Exchange & Study Abroad Office to see if your degree programme is eligible for exchange with these partners.

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Graz -    FH JOANNEUm University of Applied Sciences (SEBE- Environmental Engineering)

Sankt Pölten FH St. Polten (SEBE Engineering European Project Semester only)


Belgium_flag Belgium

Brussels - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (GSBS - Business)

Antwerp - Universiteit Antwerpen ( SEBE Industrial Design/Engineering Europen Project Semester Only)


Croatia_flag Croatia

Rijeka - University of Rijeka (GSBS - Tourism)

Cyprus_flag Cyprus

Lemsos - Cyprus University Of Technology (SEBE - Civil Engineering, Envronmental Sciences, SHLS- Nursing)

Nicosia- Frederick University Cyprus (SEBE - Graphic Design)

Czech Republic


Brno - Brno University of Technology (SEBE- Design)


Denmark_flag Denmark

Aalborg East - Aalborg Universitet (SEBE- Audio Technology with Electronics )

Aarhus - The University of Aarhus-Institute of Business and Technology (AU-IBT) (GSBS- Business)

Risskov - VIA University College Denmark (SEBE- Staff Only)

Vejle - University College Lillebaelt (SHLS- Nursing)

Finland_flag Finland

Aland - Aland University of Applied Sciences (SEBE- Staff Only)

Helsinki - Helsinki Metropolia UAS (GSBS- Fashion, SEBE- Engineering/Technology, SHLS- Occupational Therapy)

Joensuu - North Karelia University Of Applied Sciences (SEBE- Product Design)

Kotka - Kymenlaakson Ammattikorkeakoulu University of Applied Sciences (SHLS- Nursing)

Lahti - Lahti University of Applied Sciences (GSBS- Business, SEBE- Urban Planning)

Tampere - Tampere University of Applied Sciences, TAMK Virrat (SEBE- Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Design, Forensics)

Vaasa - Novia University of Applied Sciences

French_Flag France

Grenoble - IUT-GEA Grenoble (GSBS- Business)

Grenoble - IUT 1 de Grenoble de L’Universite Joseph Fourier (SEBE)

Lille - IUT ‘A’ OF LILLE - Universite des Sciences et Technologies & Institut Universitaire de Technologie (GSBS- Business, SEBE- Engineering)

Lyon - Université Catholique de Lyon (GSBS- Law)

Marseille - Kedge Business School (GSBS- Business)

Paris - ESCE, Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci (GSBS- Fashion/Business)

Paris - Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics, du Batiment et de I’Industrie (SEBE- Construction and Civil Engineering)

Poitiers - France Business School (GSBS- Business/ Fashion)

Rouen - Rouen Business School (GSBS- Business/Fashion)

Tarbes - Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Tarbes

Toulouse - Groupe ESC TOULOUSE (GSBS- Business)

Toulouse - Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Toulouse (SEBE- Engineering)

Toulouse - Universite Toulouse 1 Capitole (GSBS)

Germany_flag Germany  

- Trimester 2 Exchange only

Berlin - Beuth Hochschule fur Technik Berlin (SHLS- Vision Sciences)

Berlin - Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft, University of Applied Sciences (GSBS- Business)

Bremen - Hochschule Bremen (GSBS- Business)

Cologne - Cologne University of Applied Sciences ( Computer Sciences)

Esslingen - Hochschule Esslingen – University of Applied Sciences (SEBE- Computing)

Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (SEBE- Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction)

Kiel - Kiel University of Applied Sciences (GSBS- Business, SEBE- Engineering)

Seigen - University of Siegen (GSBS- Social Sciences)

Greece Greece

Patra - Hellenic Open University (SEBE- ICT) 

Iceland_flag Iceland

Reykjavík - University of Iceland (SEBE- Informatics, Computer Science)

Italy_flag Italy

Ancona - Universita Politecnica delle Marche (SEBE- Civil Engineering)

Castellanza - Universita Carlo Cattaneo - LIUC (GSBS- Business/ Fashion)

Potenza - Universita Degli Studi Della Basilicata (SEBE- Architecture and Town Planning)

Netherlands_flag The Netherlands

Amsterdam - Hogeschool van Amsterdam (SHLS- Food Bio)

Arnhem - Arnhem Business School (GSBS- Business)

Breda - Avans University of Applied Sciences -  (SEBE - ICT and Forensics) 

Maastricht - Universiteit Maastricht (SHLS- Psychology)

Rotterdam - Universiteit Rotterdam (GSBS- Scial Sciences)

The Hague - Hogere Europee Beroepen Opleiding (HEBO) (GSBS- Business)

Utrecht - Hogeschool Utrecht - University of Applied Sciences (GSBS- Media & Communication, Journalism)

Norway_flag Norway

Kongsberg - Buskerud University College (SHLS - Vision Sciences)

Haugesund - Hogskolen Stord/Haugesund University College (SEBE- Environmental Science)

Oslo - University of Oslo (SHLS- Psychology)

       - Oslo and Akershus University College

Tønsberg - Hogskolen i Telemark (SHLS- Nursing)

Poland_flag Poland

Krakow -  AGH University of Science and Technology ( SEBE - Engineering Staff Only) 

Lodz - Lodz University of Technology (SEBE- Engineering)

Warsaw - Kozminski University (GSBS- Business, Management, Finance & Accounting)

Portugal_flag Portugal

Porto - Instituto Politecnico do Porto (SEBE)

Romania Romania

Bucharest - University Politehnica of Bucharest


Slovakia_flag Slovakia

Kosice - Technical University of Kosice (SEBE- Product Design)

Slovenia_flag Slovenia

Koper - University of Primorska (GSBS- Business)

Spain_flag Spain

Alicante - Universidad de Alicante (SHLS- Nursing, GSBS- Business)

Barcelona - Universitat Pompeu Fabra (GSBS- Journalism)               

                - Universitat Abat Oliba (GSBS - Business)

                - UPC Barcelona Tech ( SEBE-Construction, Electrical, Environmental & MEchanical  Engineering)

                - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Granada    - Universidad De Granada (SEBE- Computing)

Huelva - Universidad de Huelva (GSBS- Business, SEBE)

Jaén - University of Jaen (GSBS- Business, SEBE- Engineering)

Madrid -  Universidad Carlos III De Madrid (GSBS- Business Admin; Film, TV & Media Studies)

            - Universidad CEU San Pablo (GSBS-Business, Media & Communication)

            - Universidad Complutense de Madrid (GSBS, SHLS - Psychology)

Navarra - University of Navarra (SHLS- Nursing, Bio)

Valencia - Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

Valladolid - University of Valladolid (SEBE- Engineering, SHLS- Vision Sciences PHD)


Sweden_flag Sweden

Jonkoping - Jonkoping University (SHLS- Occupational Therapy)

Örebro - Orebro University (SEBE, SHLS - Psychology & Social Work)

Stockholm - Ersta Skondal University College (SHLS - Nursing, Social Work)

Stockholm - Karolinska Institutet (SHLS- Nursing)

Trollhättan - University West (SHLS)

Umea - Umea University (SEBE- Forensics, SHLS- Nursing)

Switzerland_flag Switzerland

Bern* - Bern University of Applied Sciences (SHLS - Staff Only)

Gevena - University Of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (SHLS- Nursing)

Luzern - Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts (GSBS- Business)


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