What did you enjoy most about studying abroad?

To sum up my Erasmus experience in six words would be “the best time of my life!” I recently studied business abroad in Milan, Italy for four months and have never made a better decision. A clear memory that stands out is on my second night there, sitting around the kitchen table with people from all over the world such as Canada, America, Thailand, Denmark, Australia, Holland and France. You would never have seen a sight anywhere else except on an Erasmus exchange!

What did you gain academically?

Academically, it has also influenced me to further my studies and apply to do a masters degree, which I would love to do abroad again.

What else did you enjoy about being abroad?

With the various friends I made I was able to go on short weekend trips to places such as Denmark, where I would never have thought about going before. These trips were made better as I had someone with me that knew the place and where to go. I am now planning my next trip to Holland to see my Dutch friend, then hopefully Sweden is on the agenda, followed by Norway. I would never have considered any of this before if I had not done this exchange.

Did studying abroad change you in any way?

Personally and academically I feel more confident as I have proven to myself that I can achieve these things in another country so why not my own?!

What would you say to other students thinking about studying abroad?

I would definitely encourage others to do an exchange abroad - the opportunity is made available to you so why not take advantage of it? You only truly learn what an Erasmus life is like once you have personally experienced it. Not only will it appeal to future employees, but your own academic and personal gains will be priceless. My advice is just go for it!