Mark Stuart - Student Views


What did you enjoy most about studying abroad?

Friendships are one of the most treasured memories from my time in Milan. It’s so interesting to learn about new cultures and listen to new languages. Over the course of the semester I felt I built some lifelong friendships around the world. It is a fantastic experience to make new friends and know you can visit them around the world.

What did you learn?

Overall I had a fantastic time in Milan studying. I learnt a lot about myself as an individual, met many new lifelong friends and enjoyed the freedom away from home in another country. The experience further added to my desire to live abroad and leave Scotland to live and work elsewhere, meaning that this experience was priceless.

Did studying abroad change you in any way?

I feel I have changed in a positive way and have grown in confidence and character. The world is out there to be discovered and I plan to continue throughout my life. Thank you for a great experience.