Maths Summer School

Monday 19th August to Friday 30th August 2019

The Maths Summer School (MSS) delivered by the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment (SCEBE) at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) has been designed for students who, as part of their conditional offer, are required to complete additional maths modules.  For those students full attendance at the MSS is compulsory.

Other SCEBE applicants with a conditional or unconditional offer, who would like to update their maths knowledge and study skills, may also attend.

The MSS is delivered on a full-time basis over two weeks, 10am-4pm each day with one hour for lunch and there is no cost for attending.

Each teaching session will consist of a mixture of lectures and tutorials. During lectures students will be expected to take notes and at tutorials tackle additional exercises with staff on hand to answer questions.

All students who are attending the MSS as part of their conditional offer must complete and pass a compulsory written exam on the final day.

Students will be issued with lecture notes on the opening day, copies are provided below in pdf format. Please bring the notes with you to all the sessions.

Throughout the summer period our Admissions team will invite all eligible students to the MSS as and when HN results are officially confirmed.  Admissions at GCU obtain official confirmation of results from colleges or the SQA. An email inviting students to register for the MSS will be sent to students once their results are confirmed.  The School of Engineering and Built Environment will then contact students by email in the run up to the MSS with any additional information.

For more information on the MSS, please contact

Lecture notes for Level 2 entry students - Engineering and Computer Games

Please click on each link below to download a copy of the required lecture notes.



Matrices for Engineering 1


Complex Numbers

Differential Calculus

Integral Calculus

Lecture notes for Level 3 entry students - Engineering

Lecture notes for Level 3 entry students - Computing and Networking

Please click on each link below to download a copy of the required lecture notes.



An Introduction to Matrices

Numbers and Number Systems

Introduction to Graph Theory 1

Probability and Statistics