My Personal Statement

What do I write in my personal statement?

What should I include in the personal statement?

Your personal statement is your opportunity to tell us why you want to apply for a particular degree and illustrate that you have the motivation or experience to help you complete the programme and are enthusiastic about your area of study.

The sort of things we are interested in hearing about include:

  • Your reasons for applying to a particular programme – let us know what you may already know about your area of study and why you are enthusiastic about this topic.
  • Your personal goals and your choice of programme – tell us about your career aspirations – where you want to go after graduation, what type of job you want, if you plan to undertake further study.
  • Your relevant work experience or links within the industry – for certain programmes, particularly career focused programmes, relevant work experience is essential. We would like to hear about any experience you may have, such as a part-time job or volunteering. Such experience may equip you with a range of skills, for example, good communications and teamwork.
  • Your interests – tell us about yourself, focusing on your strengths and what you are interested in. You are not allowed to use additional sheets, so be as concise as possible.

Your personal statement should be unique, written entirely by you.