Online Learning Resources

Though many aspects of university are similar to college, there are different coursework and assessment methods that you need to know about. College Connect has developed a number of online learning resources to help familiarise you with the new methods you will encounter at GCU.

For individual support, you will find a team of Academic Development Tutors in each of our School's Learning Development Centres. They are on-hand to help you develop your academic skills and help you overcome any academic difficulties you are facing.

Interactive Learning Objects

We have developed a number of interactive learning objects to help you begin the transition to GCU. The learning objects are created and presented using Xerte. Though you may not be familiar with it, it is easy to use and you will receive further instructions throughout the learning object that will guide you through Xerte's other features. Make sure to carefully read everything so that you can get the most out of the learning objects.

Xerte works best with either Google Chrome or Firefox. Please use either of these browsers as others may not support all of Xerte's features.

How to be a Student

The purpose of this learning object is to help you to understand and develop some of the academic skills necessary for university.

Study Websites

BIO Skills for Uni


This website has been designed to provide students with handy tips and skills for studying the bioscience-related programmes at GCU.


Destination Social Work


Destination Social Work is a website designed to prepare college students who are considering further study in the social work field at GCU.