College Connect Transition Programme

The cornerstone of College Connect is the Transition Programme delivered by our College Connect Team. The programme provides transition support and is delivered here at GCU.

About the Transition Programme

The GCU College Connect Transition Programme is an online subject group specific programme that is designed to ease the transition between college and degree level study.

The College Connect Transition programme is offered to all college entrants who are articulating into second and third year of our degree courses and, SWAP students entering year one. This year’s programme will be delivered online from Friday 30th July until Thursday 16th September 2021. To complete the programme students will,


Complete six short online modules at your own pace:

Part 1. Expectations, Concerns and Support at GCU

Part 2. Effective Time Management 

Part 3. An Introduction to Critical Thinking at GCU 

Part 4. Reading for Academic Purposes

Part 5. Writing for Academic Purposes

Part 6. An Introduction to GCU Harvard British Referencing Standard


Upon completing each module, students are required to submit a module evaluation. In addition, students will be expected to register and attend:

  • One of six weekly webinar sessions. Webinars are based on module themes; students only need to attend one session on each theme. Webinars are your opportunity to speak directly with GCU staff and students.   
  • Attend a lecture delivered by our College Connect Tutors. Each lecture is based on your subject group and this year, we have some exciting topics being taught!  Our tutors teach within GCU Programmes, this is your opportunity to experience a lecture and meet some of your teaching staff. You will be provided with details on lectures relevant to your subject group once you are registered.


Key Information 

All SWAP entrants progressing from college into year 1 and HNC, HND students entering years 2 or 3 from college are expected to register and attend the Transition Programme Modules. To notify us of your completion, you will be required to complete a module evaluation following each session.  You can find the evaluation form at the bottom of the conclusion section of each module.

Please note, the programme is delivered over eight weeks. However, this does not mean your participation in our programme will take 8 weeks to complete. We expect students to complete our six modules at your own pace and submit all module evaluations no later than Friday 24th September 2021. We also expect students to attend at least one webinar session and lecture. However, given our programme of activity is designed to prepare you for degree level study, we find students who fully engage with our programme are better prepared for commencing degree level study, and feel less overwhelmed.

Information on how to register will be disseminated before 30th July 2021. If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact the College Connect Team via email at: