University Life

At Glasgow Caledonian University, we have an extensive range of full-time and part-time undergraduate courses grouped across three schools:

A positive student experience

Our services and curriculum are designed to provide you with a rich, positive student experience. With industry placements, guest lectures and corporate accreditations your time here is focused on the industry around your chosen subject. There are also plenty of opportunities to develop a rounded CV with study exchanges, mentoring roles and a host of clubs and societies run by the GCUSA Students' Association

Even better career prospects

By building on your existing qualifications and completing a university degree your confidence, knowledge and ability in your chosen subject will increase dramatically. Self-motivation and your earning potential go up, all of which makes you more attractive in the eyes of future employers.

Employers often look for the key skills that you further develop throughout your time at university, such as IT, communication skills, teamwork and problem solving.

Experiences in your industry

University lets you develop further as an individual. It gives you the time and opportunity to form a better idea of the career path you want to take. Taking on a work placement as part of your degree gives you hands-on experience in your potential work environment. Plus, spending time in your chosen industry lets you build your network of contacts and peers.

Opportunities to study abroad

With campuses in London and New York, GCU offers a truly international student experience. Choosing a study exchange or taking part in a student trip could mean learning a new language and culture, meeting new people from all over the world and making the most of the new challenges ahead of you.