Staff member concerned about a student?

Many people experience emotional or psychological difficulties at some point in their life.

Academic life can be both exciting and challenging and this will impact on students in various ways. It is not uncommon for students to feel stressed and overwhelmed at times. While most students cope with the stresses of life at university by talking issues through with academic staff, family and friends, some may benefit from professional help.

As a member of university staff you may find yourself in the position where you feel the need, or are requested, to give student assistance. It is important that you do so within the boundaries of what you feel comfortable doing.


Identifying and Supporting Students in Distress Booklet

The Wellbeing Service have collaborated with university colleagues to produce a guide to help you to Identify and Support Students in Distress‌.

We value feedback and would be happy to meet for informal discussions or to present at group/departmental meetings. Requests for paper copies of the guide should be emailed to the Student Wellbeing Service, along with any other comments or suggestions.