Spotlight On...Mental Health

spotlightonlogoThroughout recent years Universities (including GCU) have seen an increase in the number of students and staff seeking support for their mental health. At GCU we recognize that we all have mental health and like physical health, our experience of mental health can vary over time; for many of us, fluctuating between feeling well, happy and resilient to feeling stressed, overwhelmed or temporarily unable to cope. Our mental health impacts on our relationships, our home lives, and our ability to function at study or work. 

There are many factors which can impact upon our sense of wellbeing and mental health, and unfortanely there is a stigma in society surrounding mental health and wellbeing. 60% of participants in a 2019 Time to Change survey reported that discrimination and stigma are as, or more, damaging than the symptoms of their mental health problem. 

The Spotlight on… series will help shine a light on mental health or issues that can impact our mental health and in doing so promote this inclusive culture of openness, trust and raised awareness of mental health and wellbeing and reduce the negativity often associated with it. It is a series of open and authentic panel discussions with Q and As, comprising a round table of external and GCU experts, and individuals with relevant lived experiences. Each one will address a different topic related to mental health or issues that can impact our mental health and each one will be accompanied by a short explainer video and some training material and resources to enable staff and students to better understand the topic and provide support for dealing with the relevant issues.

Santander Universities is generously supporting GCU’s Spotlight On mental health series. Their much valued funding will help support a programme of talks and podcasts designed to tackle mental health and wellbeing through open and authentic discussion.