Meet the team

The Student Wellbeing Service exists to support and advise you in a number of ways. This includes providing support for students who may require additional support throughout their time at university; for reasons including feeling under stress, suffering from homesickness, mental health issues, or having difficulties with their course due to a disability.

We offer disability, counselling, mental health, and wellbeing support to help you to be successful in your studies. We do this in a variety of ways such as one to one appointments, group sessions and workshops.

Read more about who we are, and what we do in the sections below.


Meet the team

The Student Wellbeing service is made up of the following people:

 Disability Team

  • Catriona Mowat - Disability Manager - 0141 273 1104
  • Margaret McShane - Disability Adviser - 0141 273 1240
  • Mel McKenna - Disability Adviser/Disability Support Officer - 0141 273 1768
  • Debbie Kettle - Disability Support Officer/Disability Mentor - 0141 273 1128
  • Tom Welsh - Assistive Technology Adviser & Trainer - 0141 273 1265
  • Lee Gilson - Disability Assistant/Disability Mentor - 0141 273 1371
  • Kirsty MacFarlane - Disability Assistant/Disability Mentor- 0141 273 1371
  • Sarah Rose - Disability Assistant/Disability Mentor - 0141 273 1259
  • Alice Brooke - Disability Assistant/Mentor - 0141 273 1533
  • Michelle Wilson - Disability Mentor - 0141 273 1371

Counselling Team

  • Meg Lavery - Student Counsellor/Therapist
  • Duncan Thomson - Student Counsellor/Therapist 
  • Katie Miller-Cole - Student Counsellor/Therapist 
  • Laura Daly - Student Counsellor/Therapist
  • Geetha Fernando – Student Counsellor/Therapist
  • Rajdeep Kumar – Student Counsellor/ Therapist
  • Joseph Pieraccini – Student Counsellor/ Therapist


What is a Mental Health Adviser?

The role of the Mental Health Adviser is to support students who may be experiencing emotional or psychological distress or personal difficulties. The Mental Health Adviser will be able to co-ordinate support for students with mental health difficulties and act as a point of contact for the duration of your studies.

The Mental Health Adviser works alongside the disability service and counselling service, but it is not their role to be a counsellor. They will be able to support and encourage you to consider your rights and think about any additional resources which may help you to access education.

Each case will be viewed independently and will vary according to the students’ needs. As well as encouraging you to think about adjustments and resources, the Mental Health Adviser will be able to support you by providing interventions, offering advice and guidance, and signposting/referring to therapeutic and medical services when appropriate.

You can make an appointment by emailing with brief details of the support you require. If your query is urgent please call the Student Wellbeing Service on +44 141 273 1393.

What is a Student Wellbeing Adviser?

The Student Wellbeing Adviser works with students who have wellbeing concerns and ensures they have meaningful face-to-face contact in a timely manner. They work with all teams in the service to ensure a student receives appropriate support and signposting.

The student wellbeing adviser can also help you find out what opportunities are available and help students get more involved at the University. They also are the key point of contact for student carers and trans students.

If you want to make an appointment with Christina, please fill in this form and specify that you are looking for wellbeing support. If your query is urgent please call the Student Wellbeing Service on +44 141 273 1393.

What is a Disability Adviser?

Our team of Disability Advisers provide advice, information and facilitate access to services and facilities for disabled students and applicants.

Find out how to get support from our team.

You can make an appointment by emailing with brief details of the support you require. If your query is urgent please call the Student Wellbeing Service on +44 141 273 1393.

What is Counselling?

Helping You to Understand Yourself

Counselling involves a series of confidential sessions where the counsellor/therapist and student will explore the student’s issues or concerns. These sessions take place at a regular, mutually agreed time.  Counselling is not about giving advice or opinions, nor is it a friendly chat with a friend. The counsellor /therapist will help the student to understand themselves better and find their own solutions to cope with or resolve their situation.

Counselling may involve talking about life events, feelings, emotions, ways of relating, of thinking, and patterns of behaviour. The counsellor/therapist will offer the student a safe, non-judgemental relationship to explore whatever concerns they may bring. 

To request an initial appointment with a Counsellor, you can complete the first appointment form.‌

Where we are

You can find us on the first floor of the George Moore building in room M136. 

If you are struggling to find us, someone at the Campus Life desk (George Moore entrance) will be able to help.

You can download the GCU Campus Map, we are building number 3. 

Our Contact Details

You can contact our services through email, phone, post or by coming into the office. Our office is in room M136 in the George Moore building. 

  • Wellbeing Team

Phone: 0141 273 1393 (Out of office, please leave a message)


Our Postal Address: Student Wellbeing Services, Room M136, Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA

The wellbeing service also offers a weekly newsletter for updates about the student wellbeing service’s workshops and events.

Phone: 0141 273 1371 (Out-with office hours please leave a message)