Groups, Workshops and Events

The GCU Wellbeing Team offer a range of different groups and workshops to students and staff at Glasgow Caledonian University to enhance their mental health and wellbeing. 

Throughout the year we work with both internal and external partners to provide a series of events for students and staff to learn more about, and enhance their mental health and wellbeing. This includes activities for University Mental Health Day, World Mental Health Day, and more.

Sign up to our Weekly Newsletter, check back to this webpage, and follow our eventbrite and Facebook Events page for more information.

We have arranged for a variety of online webinars and events, the details of which you can find below! 

GCU Student Wellbeing Module



We've put together an online platform where self-care information, wellbeing resources, live workshops and more can be engaged with by students from the comfort of their home.

You can access the Module through GCU Learn by following the current steps:

1. Log into your GCU Learn as normal
2. Go to the Communities tab at the top right hand side
3. Search for "Student Wellbeing"
4. Enrol into the module called Student Wellbeing
5. You're in!


You can also access the module by following the course link from our launch newsletter here

Wellbeing Events

Upcoming Events

Free Mindfulness Sessions for Student Carers

Glasgow East End Community Carers, in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University are continuing to offer free mindfulness sessions for student carers on Zoom.

The sessions are every Wednesday at 13:30pm and student carers could spend time with a supportive group wherever they are!

Students who are interested to attend the sessions can send a text to Anastasia: 079 3280 4479 including their name and university/college and she will get back to them with a confirmation text.

If you have any questions about the sessions please contact the Student Wellbeing Service


Free Live Mindfulness with GCU Wellbeing

Each Friday at 11am on our GCU Student Wellbeing Team we will be hosting free live guided mindfulness sessions on our newly developed online module. The sessions are free, and students can attend through video or audio. 

Instructions for how to enroll and attend can be found at:


Previous Events in 2019/20: 

Carers Awareness Week 8th - 14th of July

Carers Week, which is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring and carers, highlighting issues they may face as well as celebrating the contribution they make to their families and communities was on the 8th - 14th of July. 
Throughout the week we highlighted the different support available to carers at our social media channels (@GCUWellbeing) on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
This information and what support GCU provides for our student carers can be found at our Student Carer Webpages. 


Mental Health Awareness Week -

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual campaign by the Mental Health Foundation. This year Glasgow Caledonian University and GCU Students' Association worked in partnership to encourage students and staff to join online activities and webinars to celebrate this year’s theme of Kindness. 

This included a 25 Ways to Kindness Resource, The Kindness Poetry Competition, Kindness Padlet, a Student Tea, Toast and Chat Event, staff and student mindfulness sessions, a stream of consciousness activity, staff and student time to talk events, Jonny Benjamin's Webinar “A story of hope and recovery and how we can all overcome any adversity in life.”, Craftercise, Mental Health Activity with the GCU Arc, and a Mental Health Quiz. 


We would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a nomination for our Kindness Poetry Competition. We're excited to announce the winners for the staff and student categories - congratulations to: 

Staff 1st Place: Vasilios Stouraitis
Staff 2nd Place: C Nurbhai

Student 1st Place Winner: Jennie Webster
Student 2nd Place Winner: David Alfred Grimm

All poems can be seen in the 'Poetry: Mental Health Awareness Week' Drop down menu. 


University Mental Health Day - 5th March 2020

On the 5th of March 2020 the Student Wellbeing Service worked with partners across the University and GCU Students' Association to host a range of wellbeing activities for our students and staff,

Activities occurred throughout the day - including information stalls, calm zones, free tea and coffee, the mental health and wellbeing pledge, a mindful tree, wellbeing seminars and more.


GCU Free Plant Giveaway - 10th Feb - 14th Feb 2020

To help increase awareness of the wellbeing service, and promote the link between mental wellbeing and gardening, the GCU Wellbeing Team, GCU Sustainability Team and GCU Students' Association Ethical and Environmental Group and Officer worked to bring free plants for students and staff to the GCU Glasgow Campus. 


Time to Talk Day with GCU Wellbeing - 6th Feb 2020

On time to talk day, in partnership with SeeMe, the Student Wellbeing Service provided a space for staff and students to access wellbeing resources, talk with members of staff from the wellbeing team, and have some free tea, coffee, and a friendly chat! 

The day aimed to increase awareness of the support available to staff and students on campus, and help to challenge mental health stigma. 


GCU Wellbeing Re-Freshers' Stall - 27th and 28th of January 2020


Student Wellbeing hosted a stall at the Re-Freshers Fair to engage students and staff with GCU's Student Wellbeing Service, provide information about on campus and local support, and encourage students to think about how they would keep well throughout their time at university.

Paws Against Stress with GCU Wellbeing - 14th January 2020

We organised for therapets and their owners to come onto campus by working with the Canine Concern Scotland Trust


Student Carers Voice Group with Carers Trust Scotland - 11th December 2019

On the 11th of December, Carers Trust Scotland came to GCU to work with the GCU Wellbeing Team to hear the experiences of Student Carers across Glasgow. 

For more information, contact Hannah from Carers Trust Scotland by email or phone: 07791231090.


Carers Rights Day - 21st November 2019

The GCU Wellbeing Team worked with Carers Trust Scotland and East End Community Carers to provide information stands across the GCU Campus with details of the available on campus and community support for student carers at GCU. 


World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2019

On the 10th of October to celebrate World Mental Health Day Glasgow Caledonian University and GCU Students' Association held a range of activities, workshops and lectures for students and staff to enhance their health and wellbeing.

This included a Tea and Talk event to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation, a Digital Detox Zone, free Mindfulness Sessions, the opportunity to sign a Pledge for Mental Health at GCU, a fair hosted by various internal and external wellbeing organisations, and more. 

Wellbeing Seminars which were provided on the day were: 

  • Lecture: Physical Activity and Mental Health by Gillian Strathearn
  • SAMH: Let's Talk about Mental Health and 5 Ways to Wellbeing Workshop
  • Feeding into GCU's work for Mental Health (Staff and Students) by Rachel Simpson, Helen Gallagher and Susan Docherty
  • Introduction to Mindfulness


GCU Wellbeing Freshers' Stall - 16th and 17th September 2019 

GCU Student Wellbeing hosted a stall at the GCU Freshers; Fayre to encourage staff and students to think about how they would keep themselves well throughout their time at university.

To engage with staff and students, we arranged for lots of external organisations to come along to tell you about the fantastic work they do and what opportunities there are for you to get involved or to access support.

Wellbeing Workshops and Seminars

Please note our Workshops are now being delivered online through our GCU Wellbeing Module. 

Details of how to access this can be found under the GCU Wellbeing Module Tab on this webpage.

Any enquiries, please contact Rachel Simpson, Project Officer for Student Mental Health. 


Previous Workshops

8 Week Mindfulness Course 

Mindfulness meditation offers simple yet powerful techniques that can be incorporated into our daily lives to help us cope with stress and increase feelings of contentment, and numerous studies have found that regular practitioners can experience:

  1. A decrease in anxiety, low mood and irritability
  2. Better and more fulfilling relationships
  3. Lower levels of stress
  4. A reduction in the impact of serious conditions such as chronic pain
  5. An improved immune system


Want to take part in the 8-week course?

The 8-week course was facilitated by GCU staff members Duncan Thomson and Wendy Smith in Trimester A 2019-20, both of whom are experienced meditators and qualified mindfulness teachers. The sessions occurred weekly for 90 minutes (with a short break). Sessions will be spent doing guided mindfulness practices and sharing experiences of these.

A typical practice might involve paying attention to your breath as it flows in and out of your body. A lot of people practice sitting on chairs, but mats and cushions will also be provided to lie or sit on. No special clothing is required - wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Group members will also be encouraged to practice mindfulness exercises between group sessions.


Previous participants have said that:

  • "This course has helped me so much with keeping stress down and getting through coursework".
  • "Had a positive impact on me because now I have a tool which can help me deal with anxiety or nerves. I feel happier just knowing that."
  • "Transformed my way of looking at things"


Managing your Time with Apps - 5th Dec 2019

The GCU Wellbeing Service delivered a workshop which looked at various tried and tested techniques of organising your time with apps! The workshop used guided mind maps, and more.


Healthy Habits Workshop - 6th November 2019

This workshop focused on the connection between our mood and our lifestyle. Our mood can be greatly affected by what we do and it is important to consider achieving a healthy life balance.


Setting yourself up for Success Workshop - 23rd October 2019

This workshop focused on strategies to manage stress and avoid feelings of overwhelm. We looked at ways to relax and feel more in control.


Sleep Hygiene Workshop - 22nd October 

Poor sleep can affect our mental health, and living with mental health difficulties can affect our sleep (….. it’s a vicious cycle and it’s important to take control by establishing a good bedtime routine and looking after ourselves mentally and physically before we go to bed.

The workshop helped students and staff to learn about tried and tested techniques to improve the quality of their sleep and the number of hours Zzzzz’s they're getting.

We will discussed how living with mental health difficulties and the way we look after ourselves physically can affect our sleep and vice versa.


Free Mindfulness Taster Session - 9th and 2nd October 2019

The GCU Wellbeing Team hosted two taster sessions for students who have an interest in learning more about mindfulness,

The sessions gave students the opportunity to explore what mindfulness is, and those who found it's something they'd be interested in perusing were able to sign up to the 8 week mindfulness course.

Social Media

The GCU Wellbeing Service and GCU Disability Team are active on social media! Find a list of our social media accounts below:

GCU Wellbeing

Twitter : @GCUWellbeing

Instagram : @GCUWellbeing

Facebook : @GCUWellbeing


GCU Disability 

Twitter : @DT_GCU

Instagram : @GCU_Disability

Getting involved across the GCU Community

Other teams across the GCU Community also provide lots of opportunities to get involved with events:

Careers Service Events - Employer and Careers Advisor lead events

Student Events Team - On campus events for all students

GCU Students' Association - Events and Student Groups

GCU Students' Association also have representation groups for Students with Disabilites, and a Mental Health and Wellbeing Group. Both groups are also supported by student volunteer officers.

There is also a Disabled Students Network on Facebook.

Kindness Poetry: Mental Health Awareness Week

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a nomination for our Kindness Poetry Competition. We're excited to announce the winners for the staff and student categories - congratulations to: 

Staff 1st Place: Vasilios Stouraitis
Staff 2nd Place: C Nurbhai

Student 1st Place Winner: Jennie Webster
Student 2nd Place Winner: David Alfred Grimm

All poems are listed below, and are also being shared over the next week on the GCU Wellbeing Facebook (@GCUWellbeing). 


Dr. Vasilios Stouraitis


Kindness is a force that stems from the heart

No matter the odds, this feeling will never part

Compassion and understanding rise in this new mysterious age

Love takes over and hate abandons the stage


We dreamt of a time when kindness would unite

A time when we could distinguish wrong from right

Kindness is an energy that dictates our role

It is a decision to become whole


Being kind is a reward that will never cease

It is the road to inner peace

Recognizing what binds us together

Understanding we will not be here forever


Through Kindness, our fellow man extends a hand

We reach out, as our fears disappear like sand

In our hearts we know we can change the future

Our hopes rise from our hearts like a potent creature


We suddenly realise kindness is the key to destiny

We extend our reach to touch this mesmerizing eternity

Visions of a new world of kindness gradually arise

It is time to realize, in this quest, there are no alibis


Dr. Vasilios Stouraitis



C. Nurbhai

What is kindness?


Kindness is a state of mind,

in everything you do be kind.


Kindness is exchanging smiles,

then happiness can travel miles.


Kindness is simply thinking of others;

strangers, neighbours, family, mothers.


Kindness is listening and being aware,

letting people know you’re there and care.


Kindness is giving a bit of your time,

and it doesn’t have to cost a dime.


Kindness is giving a great big cuddle,

and helping someone out of their muddle.


Kindness is really fairly easy,

just be genuine, don’t make people queasy.


Kindness is something you can always bring,

kindness is a wonderful thing.


Jennie Webster:

Helping other people and being ever so kind,

is good for the body and for the mind.

Manners cost nothing and kindness is free,

a lift to the mood some kindness can be.


Being kind to one another helps people to stay

healthy and happy during the month of May.

All year round it is possible to be kind,

keeping people healthy in both body and in mind.


Look out for each other and keep an eye on your peers,

we need to stick together across all of the years.

Kindness is under-rated and can make someone smile

Caledonian has more kindness than ever by a country mile.


At GCU we all care as we share

talking about what matters, as much as we dare.

So put kindness and being kind at the front of your mind

and if you see someone struggling, remember to be kind.



David Alfred Grimm


Many people think it’s simply a word

A notion, a dream.

When we think of kindness what do we see?

Friendship and tenderness, hopeful eyes and people that smile.

Shoulders built for spilt tears, with people that stay, in your darkest of times.


Kindness isn’t just a word or a notion, kindness is a way of life,

some it flows like breath, for others they have to dig hard Inside their souls to bring it forward. You can bet they still will.

Its worth the work as in time you’ll be kind to them when they don’t realise, they need it most.


Kindness speaks without words or sound,

contagious like the yawn that spreads without notice, kindness is a gift from all, for all, that brings a smile to the hardest of souls.

Whether you’re –


closed off,

hyper ecstatic,

kindness brings joy in the least seeming of places.

To be shown a kindness is a gesture dripping in layers and layers of Beauty. it will linger a lifetime, bringing smiles to strangers as you smile at the memory of a kindness gone by.


Normalise kind deeds in the eyes of those that doubt,

Be kind to you, be kind to me and all of the others will see the beauty

and smile In the time it takes for your heart to skip and beat.


Hau Yin Tsang

In every day and with each night,

Focus on your heart.

Show gratitude and live life kind,

A smile is a great start.


Phone a friend, send a card

Paint a rainbow, clap to say thank you

Be kind with an open heart,

Share it and you will be rewarded too.


Melanie Armstrong

Petals of kindness,

Floating gently around us,

Perfuming and sensing our lives,

As up to the challenges we rise.


Bathed in lightness,

As we are showered with kindness,

Onwards we go,

Fast or slow,

Living our days,

As we pray for new ways.


Emerging stronger,

and resilient for longer.


Kindness counts for so much in our world.