Student Pregnancy, Maternity and Childcare

GCU is committed to supporting families throughout the course of their studies with us. We have created a Student Pregnancy and Maternity Policy  to allow appropriate support to be put in place.

Information about your pregnancy will be treated sensitively and will be passed on only on a need to know basis and with your consent. GCU members of staff will provide you with relevant information to enable you to make informed decisions and will not attempt to unduly influence your decisions with regard to your pregnancy or studies.

We will work with you to develop and deliver a pregnancy support plan to ensure arrangements are made and your needs are met during your pregnancy, following the birth and when you return to study.

You are encouraged to inform your Academic Adviser or Programme Leader, or in case of research degree students, supervisor, of your pregnancy as early as you can in order to allow us to support you in the best way possible. You are under no obligation to do so, but do bear in mind that we cannot assist you with your learning, access and assessment arrangements if we do not know.

Following that initial meeting, further meetings will be arranged at relevant points throughout your pregnancy to ensure that the support in place is sufficient and that any maternity-related illnesses or complications that might develop are taken into account. Support plans will need to be reviewed prior to assessments/examinations, a placement or study abroad period and prior to your return to study.

Financial Support

For more information on how we can support you financially, please visit our Student Funding webpages.

Feeding and Baby Changing Facilities

We have two mother and baby rooms located at the back of the restaurant on the ground floor of the George Moore building. There are changing tables and a fridge and microwave for your convenience.

Children on Campus

For more information related to childcare, bringing children onto campus, and our on campus nursery please visit these webpages.