LGBT Inclusion and Support at GCU

LGBT+ Information and Support within GCU

GCU Student Wellbeing Service: 

The Student Wellbeing Service includes the Disability Team, Counselling Team, the Mental Health Adviser Team and the Student Wellbeing Adviser. If you are unsure about what would be the right support for you, you can speak to the Student Wellbeing Adviser who can help you identify the most suitable support.
Counselling Service: 

The Counselling team can offer you up to six sessions of counselling therapy to help you overcome any barriers you are facing. 

GCU Wellbeing’s Self-Help Resources:

The GCU wellbeing team have pulled together a range of resources for GCU students including our GCU Learn Community, resource list and link to sign up to newsletter.
Support for Student Cares, Care Experienced and Estranged Students:

The Student Wellbeing Adviser also works closely with student carers, and understands there can be specific barriers for LGBT+ carers in terms of accessing supports and social opportunities. GCU also support students who are Care-experienced and Estranged.

Discrimination, bullying and harassment:

If you have experienced discrimination, bullying or harassment, the Student Advice Centre can support and advise you on your options under the relevant complaints procedure in confidence. Your adviser will not take any actions or pass on any information you share without your express consent to do so. If you would prefer to speak to Christina initially, she can support you to access the relevant supports.

Gender-based Violence:

GCU’s First Responder Team includes staff members from across the university who are trained in responding to disclosures relating to gender-based violence. You can contact a First Responder directly, or you can speak to the Student Wellbeing Adviser initially and she can help you access this support.

If you would prefer to speak to a specialist LGBT+ organisation, our Gender based violence page includes a link to GALOP - Galop continues to provide Hate Crime, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence support services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + victims/survivors by telephone, email, text and WhatsApp. 
LGBT Society at the Students’ Association:

The LGBT+ Group is very active and offers lots of social opportunities. The Student Wellbeing Adviser can support you to link in with the LGBT+ Society, or any of the societies within the Students’ Association if you are feeling anxious.
Activism/Increasing Visibility:

The Student Wellbeing Adviser, Christina, works alongside LGBT champions within the university and Students’ Association who work to increase visibility and celebrate events such as LGBT History Month and Trans Day of Visibility. Let Christina know if you have any ideas/suggestions to help increase visibility and celebrate LGBT+ history and identities.

Trans Student Policy and Guidance

Transgender students are recognised and supported within GCU policy. We use the term transgender/trans as an umbrella term that is inclusive of gender diverse/gender non-conforming and non-binary students.

GCU have created a Trans Student Support Policy and a named contact person who can support gender diverse students throughout their time at GCU. Please see below for further resources, alongside our Guidance for Transgender Students and Guidance for Staff Supporting Transgender Students.


GCU Trans Awareness Sessions

GCU's named contact for support for gender diverse students, Christina Kelly, will be offering Trans Awareness Sessions in the upcoming trimester. To register interest in attending these sessions please sign up at out Eventbrite.

GCU's LGBT Student Support Webpage

Find further information about available contextualised support for GCU students at our GCU LGBT+ Students Webpage.

GCU's LGBT+ Research

GCU's LGBT+ Research

GCU's Professor Carol Emslie, Ms Jemma C. Lennox and Dr Lana Ireland have undertaken research on the impacts of alcohol on LGBTQ+ communities in Scotland. The research has also fed into the #KinderStrongerBetter campaign which highlights issues of substance use among LGBTQ+ people in Scotland and signposts to useful resources. 


GCU's Mel McKenna in partnership with Strathclyde's Stephanie Mckendry have contibuted to Advance HE's The Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education with their paper 'Is the hidden curriculum binary?'. 


With colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh, GCU’s Professor Simon Hunter has been involved in the development of a game to improve help seeking and coping among young people who identify as a sexual and/or gender minority, with a particular focus on their experiences of bullying. A protocol paper has been published describing the game and ongoing evaluation. A qualitative exploration of these experiences has also been accepted for publication


GCU Staff and Students are also able to access a variety of research through GCU's Sir Alex Fergusen Library. Alongside hundreds of results for LGBT resources, individuals are able to access specifically the journals relating to LGBT support and academic at the Browzine webpages.


Dr Chris Hand, with colleagues from the University of the West of Scotland, found that full-time students were unable to maintain physical activity levels during lockdown, and that physical activity decline was linked to negative mood. The open-access paper is available here.


Dr Heather Gray and Rachel Simpson led a project to explore inclusive curricula to support BAME and LGBTQI+ Students. The project was part of the QAAs Enhancement Themes and more information is available at the project webpage.

Higher Education Sector Resources


For further information about supporting transgender students in Higher Education, please refer to the TransEdu materials created by University of Strathclyde.

TransEdu have also recently published additional guidance for supporting students in online learning environments called: Covid-19: Supporting Transgender, non-binary and gender diverse learners in an online context.


Advance HE

Advance HE have a series of Guidance and Resources for HE and colleges.

Advance HE have also produced a publication exploring the impact of the Hidden Curriculum, including a chapter on the binary nature of the curriculum.


Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence have published Achieving Trans Inclusion & Valuing Gender Diversity in Educational Settings

History Month Information

LGBT+ History Month Icons


Stonewall have produced this guide specifically for BAME and POC LGBT communities, and have published a resource acknowledging and celebrating the thousands of historic contributions that Black LGBTQ individuals have made throughout history, paving the way not only for LGBTQ PoC but the LGBT community overall. See more at their Black History Month Heroes webpage. 


Marsha P Johnson 

Marsha P. Johnson was an activist, self-identified drag queen, performer, and survivor. She was a prominent figure in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. Learn more about her story at the Marsha P Johnson Institute webpages.


Diversity Role Models

Diversity Role Models is an LGBT+ storytelling video resource who have released the first six stories from some of their inspiring role models.