LGBT+ StudentsTransEdu Logo‌Glasgow Caledonian University is an inclusive university that welcomes and values diversity. LGBT+ identities are recognised and celebrated at GCU, and our support services are inclusive and welcoming for LGBT+ students from all backgrounds.

Our Dignity at Work and Study Policy was created to ensure that every student is treated with dignity and respect and feels valued and safe. 

We have a zero tolerance approach to any discrimination against students and staff and would encourage people to speak to the Student Wellbeing Adviser or to staff in the Advice Centre if they feel they have been treated wrongly or unfairly.

We have also created a Trans Student Support Policy, and a named contact person who can support gender diverse students throughout their time at GCU. Please see our Trans Support Section below for details of what to do if you need to update your student record or request flexibility from staff. This also includes information for staff members supporting students.

We understand that life as a student can be very challenging sometimes and that some LGBT+ students can face additional challenges, such as coming to terms with their sexuality and/or gender identity, telling family and friends, managing reactions and/or dealing with homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

We have listed some services below that can really help if you are facing some of these challenges. Our GCU Students Association also have a LGBT+ Society which is here to give GCU LGBT+ students, staff and their allies a place where they can have fun, meet new people and campaign on the issues that matter most. To contact the LGBT+ Officer 2020/21 please email and to join the group.

Please see our section on Estranged Students if you no longer have contact with your parents and want to find out about how GCU can support you.

We have also included links to LGBT+ organisations, important dates, educational materials and literature around LGBT+ History – please let us know of anything you would like to see added to this section.

LGBT+ Information and Support within GCU

GCU Student Wellbeing Service: 

The Student Wellbeing Service includes the Disability Team, Counselling Team, the Mental Health Adviser Team and the Student Wellbeing Adviser. If you are unsure about what would be the right support for you, you can speak to the Student Wellbeing Adviser who can help you identify the most suitable support.
Counselling Service: 

The Counselling team can offer you up to six sessions of counselling therapy to help you overcome any barriers you are facing. 

GCU Wellbeing’s Self-Help Resources:

The GCU wellbeing team have pulled together a range of resources for GCU students including our GCU Learn Community, resource list and link to sign up to newsletter.
Support for Student Cares, Care Experienced and Estranged Students:

The Student Wellbeing Adviser also works closely with student carers, and understands there can be specific barriers for LGBT+ carers in terms of accessing supports and social opportunities. GCU also support students who are Care-experienced and Estranged.

Discrimination, bullying and harassment:

If you have experienced discrimination, bullying or harassment, the Student Advice Centre can support and advise you on your options under the relevant complaints procedure in confidence. Your adviser will not take any actions or pass on any information you share without your express consent to do so. If you would prefer to speak to Christina initially, she can support you to access the relevant supports.

Gender-based Violence:

GCU’s First Responder Team includes staff members from across the university who are trained in responding to disclosures relating to gender-based violence. You can contact a First Responder directly, or you can speak to the Student Wellbeing Adviser initially and she can help you access this support.

If you would prefer to speak to a specialist LGBT+ organisation, our Gender based violence page includes a link to GALOP - Galop continues to provide Hate Crime, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence support services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + victims/survivors by telephone, email, text and WhatsApp. 
LGBT Society at the Students’ Association:

The LGBT+ Group is very active and offers lots of social opportunities. The Student Wellbeing Adviser can support you to link in with the LGBT+ Society, or any of the societies within the Students’ Association if you are feeling anxious.
Activism/Increasing Visibility:

The Student Wellbeing Adviser, Christina, works alongside LGBT champions within the university and Students’ Association who work to increase visibility and celebrate events such as LGBT History Month and Trans Day of Visibility. Let Christina know if you have any ideas/suggestions to help increase visibility and celebrate LGBT+ history and identities.

Trans Student Policy and Guidance, and Higher Education Resources

Transgender students are recognised and supported within GCU policy. We use the term transgender/trans as an umbrella term that is inclusive of gender diverse/gender non-conforming and non-binary students.

GCU have created a Trans Student Support Policy and a named contact person who can support gender diverse students throughout their time at GCU. Please see below for further resources, alongside our Guidance for Transgender Students and Guidance for Staff Supporting Transgender Students.

GCU Wellbeing have also established a Notification of Consent and Record Updates document for trans/non-binary applicants/students/graduates who wish to provide consent to a staff member to disclose trans/non-binary status to agreed groups/individuals.



For further information about supporting transgender students in Higher Education, please refer to the TransEdu materials created by University of Strathclyde.

TransEdu have also recently published additional guidance for supporting students in online learning environments called: Covid-19: Supporting Transgender, non-binary and gender diverse learners in an online context.


Advance HE

Advance HE have a series of Guidance and Resources for HE and colleges.

Advance HE have also produced a publication exploring the impact of the Hidden Curriculum, including a chapter on the binary nature of the curriculum.


Diverse Educators

Diverse Educators have published: Men, women and the rest of us: a brief guide to making university classrooms more accessible to trans and gender non-conforming students


Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence have published Achieving Trans Inclusion & Valuing Gender Diversity in Educational Settings


GCU Trans Awareness Sessions

GCU's named contact for support for gender diverse students, Christina Kelly, will be offering Trans Awareness Sessions in the upcoming trimester. 

Purple Friday with GCU Wellbeing

Purple Friday is an annual campaign for LGBT+ Youth Scotland which is usually the last Friday of LGBT+ History Month. This year the GCU Wellbeing Team raised £329.80 for LGBT+ Youth Scotland! Find out more about our annual LGBT+ History Month activities at our webpage



The Student Wellbeing Adviser can give you additional information and help you to make links with external organisations. Please find information for some external organisations below: 

LGBT+ Covid-19 Support

The LGBT Foundation have released a document on how the LGBT+ community is disproportionally impacted by Covid-19

Stonewall Scotland compiled a list of organisations providing support to LGBT people during the outbreak.

Kaleidoscope Trust Consultation - COVID19 and impact on LGBT people in the Commonwealth

Social and Support-based organisations

LGBT Youth (Scotland)

Facilitates well supported social groups and also offers online chats and 1:1 coaching support for LGBT young people.

Their groups include:

  • LGBT Groups (one for under 18s and one for young people aged 16/17-25)
  • A group for gender diverse/gender non-conforming young people (under 18s group and a group for those aged 16/17-25)


The groups are welcoming and inclusive and enjoy a wide range of activities to suit the needs of a diverse community.

LGBT Youth Scotland have also produced a Guide to Coming out.


LGBT Health & Wellbeing supports the mental health and wellbeing of LGBT people of all ages. Their supports include specific trans and non-binary networks.


Student Minds

Student Minds have a web resource with advice for the LGBT Community.



A full list of useful terminology is available in guidance produced by the Stonewall Scotland.

Advocacy and Rights based organisations

The Equality Network 

The Equality Network works for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights in Scotland. They are inclusive and open in their work to challenge discrimination and to consult, involve and inform individuals from the LGBTI community. The Equality Network’s webpages include a directory of LGBT+ organisations.


Stonewall Scotland

Stonewall Scotland work to improve the rights of LGBT+ people across Scotland by empowering people, transforming institutions and lobbying to change the law. Stonewall have also produced this Q&A to answer some of the common questions that get asked about trans people, and to tackle some of those myths and misconceptions you might have seen in the media.


The Scottish Trans Alliance

The Scottish Trans Alliance assist transgender people, service providers, employers and equality organisations to engage together to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion in Scotland. Please visit their webpages for more information. 

Reporting Hate Crime, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

Report and Support

Report and Support is an online reporting tool for our students to submit a report about misconduct they experience on campus. GCU is dedicated to identifying and tackling inappropriate behaviour, whenever it arises. No one in our community should ever be the focus of gender based violence, sexism, racism, discrimination, assault, bullying, harassment or any other offensive conduct.

By reporting an incident you experience or witness, you could help prevent something similar from happening to someone else.

Help make GCU a better place. Tell us about your experience.



Galop provides Hate Crime, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence support services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + victims/survivors by telephone, email, text and WhatsApp. 



Stonewall provide Domestic Violence and Abuse Resources for LGBT people.


Women's Aid

Women's Aid provide Domestic Violence and Abuse Resources for LGBT people.



Shakti provide BME LGBTI women and young people experiencing domestic abuse


Rape Crisis (Glasgow and Clyde)

Rape Crisis (Glasgow and Clyde) provide Domestic Violence and Abuse Resources for LGBT people.



FearFree is a support service for any man, or LGBTI+ person experiencing domestic abuse.

LGBT Faith-based organisations

Glasgow LGBT Interfaith Network:

The Glasgow LGBT Interfaith Network is a volunteer led organisation for LGBT+ people of faith and belief. They promote understanding, friendship, and diversity and welcome people of any gender, sexuality, and religious (or non-religious) background.



Hiddayah’s mission is to provide support and welfare for LGBTQI+ Muslims and promote social justice and education about their community to counter discrimination, prejudice and injustice.  


St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s has a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans network which is responsible for organising meetings and events, including helping to organise those Episcopalians who want to march at Pride.


Metropolitan Community Churchin Glasgow

We are an inclusive church founded by LGBT people of faith in Glasgow. We are part of an international Christian denomination, UFMCC, founded in and reaching beyond the LGBT+ communities.

LGBT Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Unity LGBT Group is a group which supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual and transgender refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants. They aim to:

  • Provide a safe social group
  • Help people claim asylum and understand their rights
  • Provide support and advice on legal, social and medical issues
  • Gather information and create resources
  • Network with existing LGBT and refugee groups
  • Fight for LGBT rights both in the UK and abroad

Celebrating LGBT History and Identities 

We are looking to build a bank of resources that celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community and its history.
This section is a work in progress and we welcome suggestions, particularly from GCU’s LGBT+ community.

LGBT+ Bookshops

Aye Aye Books in the CCA have a fantastic selection of LGBT+ Literature. 

Category is Books is an independent LGBTQIA+ bookshop in the southside of Glasgow.

LGBT+ Journals

GCU's Sir Alex Fergusen Library have a range of resources and LGBT+ Journal available in their collection. 


Spotify have a range of LGBT+ Pride Podcasts

Hidayah LGBT have a podcast which explores the intersection between religion, culture and sexuality

LGBT+ Awareness Days

The Pride Bookshop have a resource which outlines a number of LGBT+ Awareness Days.

GCU have a deciated webpage for LGBT+ History Month Information online at our Supporting our Students Webpage.