Caledonian Court Covid-19 Support

We recognise that many of our students are remaining in halls of residence, and to ensure our students continue to be supported, we have developed, enhanced and adapted a range of different resources for our students to engage with throughout this unprecedented time.

All of our approaches have been underpinned by an consultation of our students who are residing in Caledonian Court to explore their experiences and what could be implemented to support their time at the halls of residence, and GCU Students' Association. 

Online Community

We’ve established a community on GCU Learn which students who are continuing to stay at Caledonian Court can access to help provide contextualised advice and support, and establish a wider community for the students to engage with one another socially online. This is complimentary to a wider Wellbeing Module which has also been developed for all students, where we host weekly live Mindfulness Sessions, offer online podcasts, and more.

The community allows students to self-enrol, and contains information on a range of different topics. You can find this by searching for "Caledonian Court" on the communities section on GCU Learn.

These have been organised into three sections of “Wellbeing Support”, “Community” and “Get in Touch”, and contains information on:

  • Wellbeing Support Resources (including a link to the wellbeing module)
  • Flat Sharing and Self-Isolation Support (including our Food Projects)
  • A Student Chat Wall
  • Suggested Activities (both online courses, workouts and details of local green spaces for social distancing outside)
  • Contact Information
  • A section for you to provide feedback (which is facilitated through an embedded Padlet).
Caledonian Court Newsletter

We have established a specific weekly newsletter for those who are continuing to stay at Caledonian Court. 


From the 24th of March, all student were released from their rental agreements with the University.

Students who continue to reside at Caledonian Court are not being charged rent

Funding Support

For any students struggling financially whether they are home, rUK, international or EU students facing unexpected financial problems as a result of COVID-19. We have a variety of funds to support you with, please click on the below links for further information;

Self Isolation

What support is available to me if I need to self-isolate?

If you show any symptoms, the Scottish Government has advised that you should self-isolate for at least seven days. You should refer to NHS guidance.

Students staying at Caledonian Court must contact the Security Office (0141 331 3958/3787) to advise that they are self-isolating as well as informing the Coronavirus Student Helpline at

If require further support, you can also contact the Student Wellbeing Team, who will be able to provide support betwen 9-5, Monday to Friday.