Problem Guides

The printer has run out of paper or isn't working - what do I do?

If there’s a problem with the printer, please use one of the lab phones, or printer pod phones to report the fault to the Information Service Desk.  Lab support will be called to assist.

Common printer problems:

  • No paper
  • Paper jam
  • No toner
  • Spoiled or dirty printouts

If you lose print credits due to a printer fault, you may be entitled to a print credit refund: Log in to MyCaledonian and navigate to the 'Student Printing' tab.  The Print Reclaim form link will be available here.

What happens if I lose print credits due to a bad printout?

If you have had printer problems, and, as a result, have lost print credits, please complete the print credit reclaim form available on My Service. Please keep a copy of any spoiled printouts as you may need to provide them as evidence.

What if someone has used my print/copy credit?

The print/copy credit system is secured by your domain login details. In order to keep your print/copy credit account secure you must adhere to the following:

  • Keep your username and password confidential
  • Log out after using a computer
  • Do not log in to a computer and then go away and leave it
  • Always make sure you have logged out of the print/copy station after using it

If you don't, someone else could use your print/copy credit. Information Services will not issue refunds if this is the case.

Why has my document not printed?

You can check the Printer status page for information on printer outages/faults. If your nearest printer is out of order, you can print to the secure print/copy devices as an alternative.

If the lab PC you are using doesn't have any printers listed or tries to print your document to a 'CutePDF' printer, try restarting your PC to refresh the policy settings and reattach you to the nearest printer.

There are several reasons why a document may not print:

General issues

  • Check your print quota and our printing prices. Do you have enough credit to print your document?
  • Check the print queue to see if your job is in the queue to be printed:
    • Click on Start >> Settings >> Printers. double-click the printer you have sent your document to, you will see a list of all documents waiting to print. If your document is listed there, it's in the queue to print
  • Are there any faults (error messages, or flashing lights) displayed on the printer?
    • All faults should be reported to the Information Service Desk. Use the nearest IT Support phone to report the fault

The Sir Alex Ferguson Library print/copy devices

  • Remember, you must log in to retrieve your print jobs from the print/copy devices
  • Check which print/copy device you have logged into. Colour jobs will only display on the colour print/copy devices
  • If there is a fault with the nearest print/copy device, you can log into a different print/copy device & retrieve your document(s).

If you can't find the problem, use the nearest IT Support phone to call the Information Service Desk.

I have sent a document to print by accident. How do I cancel it?

Lab printers

  • Check the print queue to see if your job is still in the queue to be printed:
    • Click on Start >> Settings >> Printers
    • Double-click the printer you have sent your document to, you will see a list of all documents waiting to print
    • If your document is listed, highlight it and press Delete
    • If your document is not listed, it’s possible that it’s already been printed

The Sir Alex Ferguson Library and other secure open access printers

  • If you have accidentally printed to either the GCU-Mono, or GCU-Colour queue and wish to cancel the document, you can log in to one of the print/copy devices & delete your print job

Information Services will not provide refunds for accidental print jobs.