At Home Software

As a student at the University, you have access to the following software for use at home:

  • SPSS for Windows & Mac
  • Minitab for Windows
  • QSR NVivo 10 for Windows
  • MindGenuis
How do I get this software?

Download the installation files:

  • Visit - log in with your Caledonian username and domain password.
    By logging into this website, you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions detailed in the software licence.
  • Click the appropriate link to download the installation files & follow your computer's prompts to install the software
  • Licence codes are listed on
What are the license conditions?
  • The university's licenses are for educational use only.
  • You must only use the software for work related to university study.
  • When you leave the university, you must uninstall the software
  • You do not need to renew the agreement every year while you are at university, unless you want to upgrade to a new version of that software.