‌Credibility Interviews assess your genuine desire to study in the UK and you are expected to demonstrate your English Language ability. You may be asked to undertake an interview with an Entry Clearance Officer as part of your visa application.

At the interview you will be expected to provide reasons for choosing to study at GCU.

You can find out more in our leaflet, credibility interviews

As part of the assessment of your application to become a student  at Glasgow Caledonian University, you may be asked to attend a Visa Guidance Interview (VGI) with the VISA Compliance Unit. Your email from Admissions team will provide you with more information about this if you have been selected to attend this interview. 

As part of your visa application to study at GCU, the Home Office may ask you to attend a Credibility Interview. In order to extend our continuing duty of care owed to you, and to all prospective and current students we have created The Genuine Student’s Guide to the UKVI Credibility Interview. Watch now to find out more about the Home Office Credibility Interview to support your visa application process.

The Genuine Student’s Guide to the UKVI Credibility Interview – advice from the VISA Team