If you are currently in the UK please contact our VISA team to process your application:

Glasgowvisa@gcu.ac.uk  Londonvisa@gculondon.ac.uk

CAS Data Check

Before we issue your CAS, we must check that the data we hold on record for you and which we will use to create a CAS is completely accurate. It must exactly match the details and documents that you will take in support of your visa application.

Your CAS Data Check will be sent to you by email and you must respond in writing confirming the details and answering any additional questions which have been asked of you.

We are aware of the ‘warning’ that is appearing when a student states on the online application that no specific accommodation has been arranged. This is a technical error and is being urgently addressed so that the warning can be removed.

There is no requirement for students to have confirmed accommodation and applications will not be refused on the basis of a student having answered No to that question.