Downloadable documents

Please find below helpful leaflets and brochures available to download. 

Visa Immigration Support and Advice (VISA) Team

You can find information on how to access the Visa Immigration Support and Advice Team and discover the services they provide by downloading the Visa Immigration Support and Advice leaflet.

Visa and Immigration Student Journey Guide

Download our Visa and Immigration Student Journey Guide which will provide information and guidance to help you through the process of applying for your visa to study at GCU and prepare you for life in the UK as a GCU Tier 4 student.

Our comprehensive booklet offers advice and support to prospective, new and returning students walking you through the visa application process, providing advice in line with current UK Immigration Law and Home Office Legislation, including the VISA Team’s ‘12-Step Visa Process’ and ‘Top Advice’ sections.

Credibility Interview

You may be invited to undertake a credibility interview as part of your visa application. This is to assess your genuine desire to study in the UK and your English language ability. This CREDIBILITY INTERVIEWS leaflet will help you prepare and understand what to expect.

Guide to Tier 4 Online Visa Application: Outside the UK

You can download our Guide to visa application outside the UK leaflet which will give you a guide on how to apply for the online application form.

Guide to Tier 4 Online Visa Application: Inside the UK

You can download our helpful step-by-step guide leaflet Guide to Tier 4 Online Visa Application: Inside the UK which has useful information and tips and will help with the online application form.

Guide to Dependent Online Visa Application: Inside the UK

You can download our helpful step-by-step Guide to PBS Dependent online application Inside the UK‌ which will provide useful information and tips on how to apply online. 

Protecting Your Student Visa

You can get advice and guidance on issues that may affect your student visa and status by having a look at our leaflet on protecting your student status visa.

Leaving and Re-entering the UK

For advice on travel during your studies, have a look at our leaflet on Leaving and Re-entering the UK.

Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme

You can download our leaflet on Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme which will provide advice and guidance on the Tier 4 (General) Student Doctorate Extension Scheme eligibility and process. 

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

The VISA Team are delighted to announce that Glasgow Caledonian is now an endorsing institution for the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur (GE) Visa. We have a limited number of endorsements open to GCU students studying at our Glasgow and London campus who have a genuine and credible business idea. You can download our helpful Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur leaflet with advice regarding eligibility and conditions in addition to application process. 

Finding the visa application process stressful?

The visa process can seem daunting and it is common to feel stressed and anxious when applying for your visa. The VISA Team are here to help and support you throughout the visa application process. Our handy postcard with tips to reduce stress and contact details for helpful resources and the GCU Counselling Team can be obtained from the VISA Team and the Campus Life Desk. You can download our Finding the visa application process stressful?

Lost BRP/Passport

My BRP is lost or stolen – what should I do? What if my passport is lost or stolen?

You should keep all your documents safe and avoid carrying your BRP on your person unless you are travelling with your passport. If either document is lost or stolen you should report this to the police as soon as possible and notify the VISA Team.

Our handy postcard provides advice on what to do if you lose your BRP or passport or if it is stolen. You can pick up the postcard from the VISA Team or the Campus Life Desk or download the What if I lose my BRP or passport? leaflet. 

If you are travelling with your BRP and passport we recommend you carry this postcard in your hand luggage or wallet for advice if you should lose or have either stolen.

Police Registration Certificate

How do I register with the police?
Some students are required to register with the police after arriving in the UK with the visa or after extending a visa to stay longer in the UK. Your entry clearance Vignette, BRP card or conditions letter will inform you if you are required to do so.

You must register within seven days of arriving in the UK. You can find information and advice on the process and how to keep your certificate up to date by reading our How do I register with the police? leaflet.