Find out more about your email address and how to access your mailbox.

Email Address

Email addresses all adhere to the same conventions so that addresses from any part of the world can be recognised. The standard form of email address for a student at Glasgow Caledonian University is:

It is important that you record this address accurately – the @, as well as the dots are vital and there must be no spaces in the address.


The email password is the same as your domain password. You will use this password with your email address to access your email account.

Access to email

The student email system is Web-based, and can be accessed using Internet browsing software such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Once you have started the browser software, there are 2 ways to access the student email system:

  • Through the Student homepage - click on the email link and the email web page will open. If the Student homepage does not open by default, or you are not in University you can access it using the following address:

  • Directly using the following address:

The Office 365 sign in screen appears. Click in the first field and enter your full email address, e.g. Click in the password field and type in your password. Then click on the Sign in button.

You can change your email password using the options in your account, however, please note that when you change your domain password this will automatically change your email password to the same.

Microsoft Office 365

The University subscription to Microsoft email also provides students with access to other Microsoft Office products.